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Top 40 Best Barish Shayari In English| Rain Shayari in English

Best Barish Shayari In English| Rain Shayari in English

"I cover my ocean in my eyes, O cloud, don't rain on me."
"Don't ask me about my love, my tears will shed you like a flood."
"Now when it rains, its drops are tears of joy or of sorrow."
"If we remember more of rain and someone, then there is a flood, drops of drops in one and tears in others."
"I wish it could happen, my love would rain on you like a cloud."
"Now what should I teach you, but the rain of your memories has caused a lot of destruction."
"May the rain of Sawan be ashamed, I have shed all the tears in your memories."
"Even the drops of Sawan ignite a fire in the heart."

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Rain shayari in English
"Sometimes we used to get wet in the drizzling rain of Sang Tere Hum Sawan, today I get wet alone in the rain of my tears."
"The trouble must have been those clouds, from which the drops fall on the ground after separating."
Your love came like a storm in my life, became a flood of tears, and took away everything."
"Don't ask, how much pain is there in love, lovers are seen pouring out of their eyes."
"It seems that this cloud has also fallen in love, only then it is raining unseasonably."
"It rains, but that childhood rain doesn't come back now."
"The first rain of the season brings with it many memories."
Your bin is not even thought of now, this rain is troubling me without you.

Rain Shayari in Hindi

Rain Shayari in Hindi
People must be talking about romance, in these rains we just sip tea.
Now the clouds have come over the head, it seems that now the rain will be strong.
These clouds are in very good character, now it seems that they will accept the rain only after teaching them a lesson.
The first season of first love is not forgotten.
The point of view is different, but everyone waits for the rain, be it a farmer or a lover.
There is a special thing between you and the rain, both of them sometimes rain unnecessarily.
In the courtyard of my heart, the clouds of his memories are covered, O sky cloud, you may go somewhere else and rain.
After the first rain, the smell of the soil is something else.

bemausam barish shayari

bemausam barish shayari
To whom should I tell my ability, I am a raining cloud, not one to thunder.
Earlier we used to meet you in the rain, now I miss you, then tears that it rains.
I am lost in this season, I am getting wet without rain.
It is starting to feel barren, now it rains, not like the first rain.
By not keeping myself imprisoned, by getting a little wet in the rain outside in the savannah.
It's raining outside, I'll make a request to you and you'll have another beautiful evening.
I get wet in the rain to hide the tears, if you see it, then the water will come.

rain shayari in english

rain shayari in english
Sitting quietly under the open sky, it started raining, I understood that Yebadal also started crying after hearing my pain.
Why does this night not pass, why does not this remembrance of you haunt me now, and why does this rain not flow from above?
These rivers are waiting, this earth and me, now even the rain may go, the sky.
Oh, sky, now you are the rain, now you become the god of haters.

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