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these are the top fake love Shayari in English

  1. When I never loved myself, then why came into my life for a few moments?
  2. Never fall for a false smile, because behind this smile there are many hidden secrets of the face.
  3. Don’t play with someone’s feelings for your own benefit, you don’t know how much pain it will hurt to know the truth.
  4. Today you have broken my heart, hope one day you will also feel the pain of a broken heart.
  5. When you came into my life, I felt that my search was complete, but today I came to know how wrong I was that my search remained incomplete.
  6. What you did to me, my heart still can’t believe it.
  7. Don’t get involved in someone’s life just for time to pass, because when he comes to know the truth, it hurts a lot.
  8. You promised to support me in every difficulty, but when difficulties came, you left together.
  9. ‘It is better to be unhappy alone than to be unhappy with a liar.’ -Marilyn Monroe
  10. I didn’t love you, I loved the person you pretended to be.
these are the fake love Shayari
fake love Shayari
  1. Don’t pretend love to anyone to overcome your loneliness.
  2. Don’t play with someone’s desires by showing false love, because when the heart is broken, people are broken.
  3. Wasted everything in whose love, tell me not to trust that infidel again.
  4. He robbed me of love, now it’s just a request, don’t waste anyone like me.
  5. Every time he used to kiss like sand, there is one who used to walk every time.
  6. Those who had seen dreams together on the beautiful path of life, today trampled those dreams and went away.
  7. We loved him sincerely, did we know that he had mastered the drama of love?
  8. This heart is also a very strange thing, which has rejected, then wants to have fun with it.
  9. Lakhs of efforts to forget your false love, but the heart does not stop by reminding you.
  10. I have no right to my hatred, now yours, because I have seen your fake face behind the mask.
these are the fake love Shayari
fake love Shayari
  1. True love is no longer appreciated by anyone because now love is done not by looking at the heart, but by looking at the benefits.
  2. Those who seem very beautiful and innocent, often turn out to be unfaithful in love.
  3. I am trying a lot to forget you, but it seems that it will take some time to be infidelity like you.
  4. Those who tell lies often settle in the heart, those who tell the truth only stumble.
  5. We used to walk with our chest, but we forgot to love, and this love fell on the ground.
  6. I know that his promises of love and love are false, but we become happy only by the feeling of being with him.
  7. Trying to forget you, don’t you try to come in our memories.
  8. Fake dreams were shown in the intoxication of love, such was his style that even the water was set on fire.
  9. Let’s give up stubbornness, we want to make you our own, now there is no need to shed false tears.
  10. Every sweet moment of love has passed, and your love was false, which turned back on a promise.
these are the fake love Shayari
fake love Shayari
  1. It has become a new fashion to pass the time, making a true show of false love.
  2. I love you, just don’t give me your name unnecessarily, and don’t blame me unnecessarily.
  3. Don’t fall in love with anyone again, don’t let us love you anymore.
  4. I know that your every gesture was false, then I do not know why my heart is still on you.
  5. Before getting angry, tell me some reason, the reason is not right, put some false accusation only.
  6. Neither love nor love, we just got unfaithful friends every time.
  7. Your love seems dishonest, your heart wanders here and there, seem like a traitor.
  8.  False is that love where things are only of the heart, but people are on the dying face.
  9. No one will come into my life now, after you are gone, only death will come now.
  10. Just like you, teach these memories of infidelity too, so that they do not give us pain like this by coming every day.
these are the fake love Shayari
fake love Shayari
  1. There is a great attraction in false love, which makes you blind.
  2. Decided to break our hearts in a moment, would have given a chance once, to express love.
  3. I am still keeping your thoughts in my heart, trying to forget you are still sitting in my heart.
  4. You hope to connect with those who break hearts, you have become crazy, those who expect loyalty from an unfaithful.
  5. Won’t complain to you now, because the fault was mine, all your promises were false, but I had faith in that.
  6. One life has become so lonely due to your departure, life was left alone even among thousands of loved ones.
  7. If only! I could explain my heart to you, could hear every beat of your name.
  8. Not everyone is able to express love by making love, they cry in their heart, and they are unable to show the tears flowing in their eyes.
  9. How can I tell how much I have waited for your love, I have loved only you every time after seeing the picture.
  10. He has the right to go away from my life, and we have the right to settle him in our hearts for a lifetime.
these are the fake love Shayari
fake love Shayari
  1. Strange suffocation has begun; instead of expressing love, we are now angry with ourselves, rejoicing and celebrating you.
  2. There is a great attraction in false love, which makes you blind.
  3. He has been infidelity like this, we are looking for the whole life, and we remain our own fault.
  4. Compulsions also separate, not necessarily everyone who goes away is unfaithful.
  5. We broke the relationship the same day he made fun of my tears.
  6. How to tell the age to which the heart was given, the same wound was given deep.
  7. Once you would have looked back, we would have been calmly away from you.
  8. This love also turned out like a rented house, decorated a lot, but I did not.
  9. They used to meet mean and we fell in love.
  10. Your nature also came out like a mirror, that which came in front of you.
These are the fake love Shayari
fake love Shayari
  1. Why should we regret not getting someone, then we should regret those whom we do not get.
  2. He loves to turn away from things in a moment and show false love.
  3. Why come close to my heart when there was no love?
  4. It has become a new fashion to pass the time, making a true show of false love.
  5. Whose love kept looking for peace, he left us restless.
  6. Those who fall in love with a false smile have to repent for the rest of their life.
  7. What happened if he left, life does not stop due to someone’s departure, but now no one is watching.
  8. I gave him my heart in love and he did it in thousand pieces.
  9. False love and false agreement have become the trend of today’s era.
  10. False love is more dangerous than true hate.
these are the fake love Shayari
fake love Shayari
  1. You can steal my eyes from me, but how will you remove the memory from my heart?
  2. True love is only in the thoughts, the truth is false.
  3. The game is over, and the mask of your false love has come off.
  4. My heart is not useless, which accepts your false love.
  5. In trying to make him our own, we got away from ourselves.
  6. What happened to us a little bit, he became someone else’s sweetheart.
  7. Mistakes are often made only by the wise, sometimes I have seen love for the lunatics.
  8. His way of wasting was very cruel, he took away life by becoming life.
  9. There is a false belief even today, maybe their love is true.
  10. They make false promises every time and every time we die on them.
  11. Do not look with this style, love will happen and the blame will be put on us.
  12. Knowing what sin we have committed by loving, we are wasting our own happiness.
  13. Had I known that the result would be like this, I would never have made the mistake of setting my heart.
  14. After doing everything for you, in the end, I got only pain.
  15. It was our mistake to die on your false smile.
  16. There is no false love, there are false promises and people, so do not defame such love, you guys.

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