best sad love Shayari
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He threw us out of his life,
like a wet paper, unable
to write or burn.

We used to be the branches of soft leaves, the peels
went so much that they became “daggers”.

Didn’t even get a chance to ask the reason,
just moments passed and we became strangers.

When we came out in the crowd of the world, we came to know that…
every person is the only one who has fallen in love!

Now there is no love in this era
because people do not love anymore and joke.

Breaking the limits of the eyelids, it fell on my arm,
a tear broke my patience.

It is good that tears do not have color,
otherwise, the pillow in the morning would have told the condition of the night.

Even a broken heart beats for a lifetime,
whether in someone’s memory or in a complaint.

Wanting to be broken and then to be broken,
it is a small matter but life goes away.

There was a cure for every pain, in which market
if you took the name of love, the dispensaries were closed.

these are the sad love Shayari
sad love Shayari

Just saw a broken star, was just like me,
the moon didn’t matter, was just like you.

Leaving the traces of my memories in my heart,
they too are gone like time.

I feel sorry for my innocent eyelids
when I get wet and say that now, I do not cry.

The complaining is having longing eyes, it has
been a year since seeing someone.

Neither the wounds were filled, nor the alcohol
help, neither did she return, nor did the love happen again..

Seeing us, when he turned his face,
there was a relief, let’s recognize it.

I will stay alone even after separating from you,
just think of my heart, don’t stop beating anywhere!!

Only Hum Hi Hai Tere Dil Mein,
this misunderstanding has ruined us.

We left to live in your thoughts,
now people love us, not with us.

If you don’t have love, file a lawsuit,
and you will be seen from date to date.

these are the sad love Shayari
sad love Shayari

How expensive was the habit of smiling,
he left us thinking that we are happy even in separation !!

By luck, this will remain the same for the rest of life,
whoever wanted it a moment to moment, yearn for the same.

The mood of last night was like this man,
his memories did not let my eyes sleep!!

These tears are very innocent,
they are falling for those who do not care.

The account is not even theirs, what they would do, there
were thousands of fans who would have been loyal to whom.

Will go away one day, leaving you on your condition…
what is the value of love, only time will teach you…

I’m sorry, I’m a sinner, O your heart,
I handed you over to someone who doesn’t appreciate you.

I don’t know which conspiracies we fell victim to, the
more we kept a clean heart, the more we became tainted.

I seem to have forgotten, the ability to smile,
whenever I try, tears come out..!

Drowning in the mirror kept drinking that “jam”,
tried a lot, but could not forget a “name”.

There was no desire to love anyone,
but if the pain is written in fate, how could there not be love?

these are the sad love Shayari
sad love Shayari

My God had written a lot about the book of luck, but only the
the same page was missing in which love was mentioned.

After making his own, he made him begin in a few days, his
the heart was filled and made an excuse for our compulsion.

Habit has changed;
I don’t have the courage to share my pain.

Wearing a sheet of loneliness, we do not sleep at night, we
pass every night remembering someone’s words.

Suppose the weather also changes, but slowly,
the winds are also surprised by the speed of your change.

He has killed me in this manner, the
the world still thinks that I am alive.

Every tear in my eyes is a sign of your love,
if you understand it is a pearl, if you do not understand it is water…

Moment by moment together, Till the age passes,
Love is there that lasts, Till death comes…

These are the paths on which you walked with
me… Stopped me and asked where is your companion…

It is acceptable to wake up in your memories throughout the night,
where is the peace in your feelings now in your sleep !!

I can’t remember the reason to smile now,
I am brought up with great pride… my sorrows made me!

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