Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar: The Unfolding Drama

The exciting journey of Bigg Boss 17 has begun, and it’s been a week filled with drama, laughter, and anticipation. As we prepare for the first “Weekend Ka Vaar,” the big question on everyone’s minds is, “Who will get Salman Khan’s attention, and what will happen during the weekend showdown?”

Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan’s Insights and Weekend Drama

The “Weekend Ka Vaar” is more than just a reality show; it’s a rollercoaster of emotions, controversies, and life lessons. In the first week, we saw the entry of Abhishek Kumar, known for his role in “Udaariyaan.” Abhishek wasted no time and immediately had a heated argument on the very first day. He had a clash with his co-star Isha, setting the stage for a week of conflicts involving Sonia Bansal, Khanjadi, Sunny Arya, and Arun Mashetti. The argument between Arun and Abhishek became so intense that they ended up at odds with each other.

Predictions for the Weekend Showdown

Social media is buzzing with predictions about the upcoming “Weekend Ka Vaar.” A Twitter account called “Bigg Boss Tak” has shared that Salman Khan is going to have a serious talk with Abhishek Kumar this weekend. But that’s not all; Isha, due to her double standards, will also be in the spotlight and face the consequences.

Salman Khan’s Support and High Expectations

Bigg Boss 17 started with a surprising twist when Salman Khan pledged to support the most deserving contestant. This announcement left the participants puzzled, and now, as the weekend approaches, the world is eager to find out whose side Salman Khan will be on. Social media discussions indicate that Salman Khan might support Ankita Lokhande and Vikki Jain.

The popularity of Bigg Boss 17

Bigg Boss is famous for its controversies and entertainment, making it a beloved show. Audiences eagerly anticipate the chance to see their favourite celebrities as their genuine selves. This has led to a large viewership, turning it into a cultural phenomenon.

Star-Studded “Weekend Ka Vaar”

The upcoming “Weekend Ka Vaar” promises to be star-studded with appearances by Kriti Senon, Tiger Shroff, and Kangana Ranaut. Kriti and Tiger will be promoting their new movie, “Ganpat,” while Kangana will be promoting her film, “Tejas.”


The “Weekend Ka Vaar” of Bigg Boss 17 is the heart of emotions, drama, and entertainment. With Salman Khan leading the way, this weekend is sure to be a show that fans won’t want to miss. So, stay tuned for more exciting episodes and captivating moments in the days ahead.

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