BMW 7 Series 740iM Sport Cabin

The cost of the BMW 7 Series 740iM Sport in the Indian market has experienced a significant increase. Initially priced at ₹1.78 crores ex-showroom, it has now surged to ₹1.81 crores ex-showroom, marking a noteworthy ₹3 lakhs increase from its previous version.

BMW i7: Electrifying Luxury

The BMW i7 M70 xDrive, India’s inaugural fully electric M car, is now readily available. It is exclusively marketed as a completely assembled unit (CBU) in India. Furthermore, BMW has unveiled the M Sport version of its 7 Series diesel variant, offering augmented power and features at a higher price point.

A Fresh Take on Design

BMW 7 Series 740iM Sport

The design elements of the BMW 7 Series 740M Sport closely mirror its petrol counterpart. Up front, you’ll notice the iconic kidney grille, paired with a luxurious split headlight arrangement. Both the petrol and diesel models come equipped with 20-inch alloy wheels for enhanced speed and quality. Moreover, you’ll spot M Sport emblems on the sides and a new LED taillight unit at the rear, along with a robust rear bumper.

Indulgent Cabin Experience

BMW 7 Series 740iM Sport

Inside, the cabin showcases an exquisitely designed dashboard featuring a combination of black and gray leather upholstery, particularly in the electric version. Extensive use of carbon fiber is evident in the electric model’s interior, adding a touch of sophistication. The cabin offers a lavish experience, with rear passengers benefiting from a spacious digital display and upgraded backseat amenities.

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An Abundance of Features

Both diesel and electric variants come equipped with a 14.9-inch touchscreen infotainment system and a 12.3-inch digital driver display. The inclusion of wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity enhances mobile adaptability. BMW’s commitment to luxury and speed is unmistakable with an impressive 8K 31.3-inch touchscreen display at the rear, ensuring top-notch entertainment.

Safety at Its Zenith

Highlights include ambient lighting, BMW Operating System 8, and power seats with massage functionality. Music enthusiasts will be thrilled with the 1965W, 36-speaker sound system in this variant, while the electric version offers a 35-speaker setup for an immersive audio experience.

In Conclusion

The new BMW 7 Series, featuring the electrifying M70 xDrive variant and an array of enhanced features, redefines the standards of luxury and power. With its revamped design, opulent cabin, and an abundance of advanced features, it stands as a testament to BMW’s unwavering commitment to delivering an opulent driving experience. Whether your desire is for power, luxury, or a harmonious blend of both, the new 7 Series has something truly extraordinary to offer.


Q: What is the starting price of the BMW 7 Series 740iM Sport in the Indian market?

A: The starting price of the BMW 7 Series 740iM Sport in India is ₹1.78 crores ex-showroom.

Q: Has the price of the BMW 7 Series 740iM Sport undergone any recent changes?

A: Yes, the price has increased, and it is now ₹1.81 crores ex-showroom, making it ₹3 lakhs more expensive than its previous version.

Q: What is the BMW i7, and is it available in India?

A: The BMW i7 is the first fully electric M car in the Indian market. It is available in India and is sold exclusively as a completely built-up unit (CBU).

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