Dr Cubes Success Story

In a world driven by innovative startups, success stories often emerge from the most unconventional beginnings. The tale of Dr Cubes is a testament to this phenomenon. Founded by two friends, Naveed Munshi, and Pramod Tirlapur, this company has turned a simple commodity, ice cubes, into a multimillion-dollar business. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the inspiring journey of Dr Cubes, exploring how these founders transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Dr. Cubes Overview

Company NameDr Cubes
HeadquarterRK Mutt Rd, Halasuru, Gupta Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008
FoundersNaveed Munshi and Pramod Tirlapur
Dr Cubes Success Story

The Genesis of Dr Cubes

Dr Cubes came into existence in 2017, born out of a simple yet brilliant idea. Naveed Munshi and Pramod Tirlapur noticed that the market lacked hygienic and high-quality ice cubes. In an era where no company guaranteed safe and clean ice cubes, they decided to be the change they wished to see. The idea was straightforward – provide customers with fresh, hygienic ice cubes. With this vision in mind, they co-founded Dr Cubes, setting the stage for their remarkable journey.

The Unique Dr Cubes Experience

Dr Cubes doesn’t just sell ice cubes; it offers a variety of unique ice cube experiences to its customers. Understanding that different occasions demand different types of ice, they provide a range of options. From regular ice cubes to crushed ice and flavored ice, Cubes ensures that their customer’s needs for the perfect ice are met.

Shark Tank India Triumph

Shark Tank India is a well-known platform where startup founders pitch their business ideas to investors. It was on this very platform that Cube’s founders seized an opportunity. They asked the Sharks for funding, seeking INR 80 lakhs in exchange for 15% equity in their company. This marked a significant milestone in their journey.

Dr. Cubes Financial Growth

In 2019, Dr Cubes generated a revenue of INR 50 lakhs. The following year, their revenue soared to an impressive INR 1.2 crores. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges, the company’s value stands at approximately INR 5.33 crores, as of now.


The story of Dr Cubes is a testimony to the fact that the most successful businesses can sprout from the simplest ideas. Naveed Munshi and Pramod Tirlapur took something as ordinary as ice cubes and turned it into a million-dollar venture.

Their journey is a reminder that with the right idea, determination, and a touch of innovation, you can create a thriving business from scratch. Dr Cubes is an inspiring example of how entrepreneurship, combined with vision, can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

FAQs About Dr Cubes

Q: What is Dr Cubes, and what does the company offer?

A: Dr Cubes is a remarkable company founded by Naveed Munshi and Pramod Tirlapur in 2017. The company specializes in providing high-quality and hygienic ice cubes to customers. Cubes offers a range of ice cube options, including regular ice cubes, crushed ice, and flavored ice, ensuring that customers have access to the perfect ice for any occasion.

Q: How did Dr Cubes secure funding, and what is the company’s current valuation?

A: Cubes achieved a significant milestone by appearing on Shark Tank India, where they pitched their business idea. They sought a funding amount of INR 80 lakhs in exchange for 15% equity in their company. As of now, the company is valued at approximately INR 5.33 crores.

Q: What has been the financial growth of Dr Cubes over the years?

A: In 2019, they generated a revenue of INR 50 lakhs. The following year, their revenue soared to an impressive INR 1.2 crores. Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has continued to thrive, with a current valuation in the range of INR 5.33 crores.

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