Haridwar Anath Ashram Viral Video

Haridwar Anath Ashram Viral Video: The internet often presents us with incidents that deeply affect us on a personal level. Daily, we encounter numerous such occurrences where the essence of humanity seems to be absent. Recently, a video has gained rapid viral traction, depicting a distressing situation within an orphanage in Haridwar. The footage reveals a disturbing level of cruelty inflicted upon the children residing there.

Those who viewed the video were instantly overwhelmed with emotion, prompting an involuntary outpouring of tears. If you, too, are curious about the complete truth behind this viral video, I invite you to continue reading until the conclusion of this article. Without further delay, let’s delve into the details.

Haridwar Anath Ashram Viral Video Details

The widely circulated video currently making the rounds on the internet depicts a distressing scene unfolding at an orphanage in Haridwar. The footage captures a child enduring severe physical abuse, and its rapid dissemination has prompted diverse reactions from viewers. The online community, expressing vehement disapproval, has unleashed a wave of criticism directed at the teacher featured in the video.

Haridwar Anath Ashram Viral Video

The Haridwar Police, however, have come forward to clarify the situation. They assert that the video, which has gained significant traction, actually originates from an incident that occurred several months ago in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh. In that incident, an Acharya in Sitapur, not associated with Haridwar Gurukul Ashram, was filmed mistreating a student. The current widespread misconception falsely links the video to the Haridwar orphanage, emphasizing the need for accurate information dissemination and responsible sharing of content online.

Haridwar Anath Ashram Viral Video Story

This trending video on the internet has allegedly originated from an orphanage in Haridwar. However, it has come to light that the footage depicts a Gurukul in Uttar Pradesh. Recently, misinformation has led to the misrepresentation of this video as being from Haridwar, contributing to its viral nature.

Haridwar Anath Ashram Viral Video

Several months ago, the video was linked to Village Jhanjhan Singoli in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh. During that time, a news portal had covered the incident, shedding light on its true origin. Unfortunately, some individuals are adding to the confusion by erroneously captioning the video with references to a Haridwar Ashram. This misleading information is spreading without proper fact-checking, an unequivocally incorrect practice.


the emotionally charged viral video initially depicting cruelty at a Haridwar orphanage has been clarified by the Haridwar Police. The footage originates from an incident in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, involving a different institution. This highlights the importance of fact-checking and responsible online sharing, emphasizing the need for accuracy in disseminating information. As we navigate the digital realm, let this serve as a reminder to exercise discernment and empathy to foster a culture of truth and understanding.

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