Honda NX500 Price in India

The highly anticipated Honda NX500 bike with its strong engine has made its debut in the Indian market. With a strong performance and stylish design, it has captured the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts across the country with its technology. Launched by Honda in January 2024, this powerful bike with a strong engine offers an attractive design that is sure to turn heads on the road. The delivery of the Honda NX500 with its strong engine and impressive technology has recently commenced in India, giving riders a chance to experience its features firsthand. If you’re curious about the price of this remarkable machine and want to know more about its design and engine specifications, read on.

Honda NX500 Price In India

The Honda NX500 is not only a powerful bike but also a stylish one, and it has been making waves since its launch in India in January 2024. People love this motorcycle for its performance and design. But let’s talk about what matters to potential buyers – the Honda NX500 price in India.

Honda NX500 Price In India

To own this fantastic machine, you would need to shell out around Rs 5.90 lakh as the starting price, which is ex-showroom India. However, it’s important to note that the actual cost may vary slightly from city to city due to factors like local taxes and transportation charges.

For instance, if you’re planning to buy the Honda NX500 in Mumbai or Delhi, you might find a slight difference in pricing compared to other cities like Bangalore or Kolkata. So it’s always wise to check with your local dealership for accurate pricing information before making any decisions.

Despite these minor variations, one thing remains consistent – the Honda NX500 offers incredible value for money considering its features and performance capabilities. With a sleek design that turns heads on every street corner and an engine that delivers raw power on demand, this bike truly stands out from the crowd.

Honda NX500 Design

The design of the Honda NX500 bike is one of its standout features. It boasts an attractive and stylish design that sets it apart from other bikes on the market. Honda has specifically designed this bike with off-roading in mind, making it a powerful and versatile option for riders.

Honda NX500 Design

One notable aspect of the design is the large windscreen at the front of the bike. This not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also serves a practical purpose by protecting against wind and debris while riding. The Honda NX500 features LED headlights and tail lights, which enhance visibility on the road.

To further enhance its off-road capabilities, this bike comes equipped with hand guards and an engine guard. These features provide added protection to both the rider’s hands and important components of the motorcycle during adventurous rides.

Another key element of the design is its long-travel suspension system. This allows for smooth handling over rough terrain, ensuring a comfortable ride even in challenging conditions. The high seat position provides excellent visibility for riders, giving them better control over their surroundings.

In terms of technology, the Honda NX500 offers several modern features such as a 5-inch color display, USB charging port, Bluetooth connectivity, and dual-channel ABS (Anti-lock Braking System). These technological advancements add convenience and safety to every ride.

This bike sports a 19-inch front tire and a 17-inch rear wheel size. This combination ensures optimal traction on various surfaces while maintaining stability during off-road adventures.

Honda NX500 Specification

Bike NameHonda NX500
Honda NX500 Price In India₹5.90 Lakh Rupees (Starting Price)
Engine 471cc, liquid-cooled, parallel-twin
Power 47 HP 
Torque43 Nm
Features5-inch TFT display with Honda RoadSync connectivity, LED headlight, USB charging port, traction control, slipper clutch, dual-channel ABS 
Honda NX500 Specification Details

Honda NX500 Engine

The Honda NX500 boasts a remarkably powerful engine that sets it apart from other bikes in its class. This bike is equipped with a 471cc 4-stroke, liquid-cooled engine that is synonymous with Honda’s commitment to performance and reliability. With this robust engine, riders can expect an exhilarating experience on the road.

Generating an impressive power output of 47hp and a torque of 43 Nm, the Honda NX500 delivers exceptional acceleration and responsiveness. Whether you’re cruising along the highway or tackling challenging terrains, this bike has the muscle to keep up with your adventurous spirit.

To further enhance its performance capabilities, the Honda NX500 comes with a smooth-shifting 6-speed gearbox. This allows riders to effortlessly transition between gears, ensuring optimal power delivery at every speed. Whether you’re looking for quick bursts of speed or seamless cruising on long rides, this gearbox offers versatility and precision.

With such an impressive engine under its hood, the Honda NX500 is ready to take on any adventure you throw at it. Its powerful performance capabilities make it ideal for both city commutes and off-road escapades. No matter where your journey takes you, this bike will deliver an unforgettable riding experience.

Honda NX500 Features

The Honda NX500 is not only known for its powerful engine but also for its impressive features. Let’s take a closer look at what this bike has to offer.

One of the standout features of the Honda NX500 is its long seat, which provides ample space and comfort for both the rider and the passenger. Whether you’re embarking on a long journey or simply commuting through city streets, this spacious seat ensures a comfortable ride throughout.

In terms of safety, the Honda NX500 comes equipped with dual-channel ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) that enhances braking performance and helps prevent wheel lock-up during sudden stops or slippery road conditions. This feature provides riders with increased control and confidence on the road.

Another noteworthy feature is traction control, which adds an extra layer of stability when riding in challenging terrains or adverse weather conditions. By regulating power delivery to the wheels, traction control minimizes slippage and maximizes grip, allowing riders to navigate tricky situations more effectively.

To further enhance convenience and connectivity, the Honda NX500 boasts a 5-inch full-color TFT display that provides clear visibility of essential information such as speed, fuel level, gear position, and more. Bluetooth connectivity enables riders to pair their smartphones with the bike’s display system for hands-free calling or music streaming while on the go. The inclusion of a USB charging port ensures that your devices stay powered up throughout your ride.

With these impressive features combined with its powerful engine discussed earlier in this article section about “Honda NX500 Engine,” it’s evident that the Honda NX500 offers a well-rounded package for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking both performance and advanced technology.


Honda NX500 offers a compelling package for motorcycle enthusiasts in India. With its attractive design, powerful engine, and impressive features, it is poised to make a mark in the market. The affordable price range makes it accessible to a wide range of consumers, further enhancing its appeal.

With its sleek and modern design, the Honda NX500 is sure to turn heads on the road. The powerful engine provides an exhilarating performance, making every ride a thrilling experience. The advanced features such as ABS and LED lighting ensure safety and convenience.

For those seeking a versatile and reliable motorcycle, the Honda NX5.. is worth considering. Whether you’re a daily commuter or an adventure seeker, this bike ticks all the boxes. So why wait? Visit your nearest Honda showroom today and experience the excellence of the Honda NX5… firsthand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the price of Honda NX500 in India?

Ans: The price of the Honda NX500 in India starts at ₹5.90 Lakh Rupees.

Q: How is the design of the Honda NX5…?

Ans: The Honda NX500 features a sleek and modern design, with aerodynamic lines and stylish accents. Its sporty appearance makes it stand out on the road.

Q: Is the Honda NX5… suitable for off-road adventures?

Ans: Yes, the rugged build quality and capable suspension system make the Honda NX500 well-suited for off-road adventures, allowing riders to explore various terrains with confidence.

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