HP Pavilion Plus 35.6 cm Laptop 14-eh1022TU Overview, Performance, and Reviews

Introducing the HP Pavilion Plus 35.6 cm Laptop 14-eh1022tu, a powerful and versatile device designed to enhance your computing experience at home. With its sleek design and impressive features, this laptop is perfect for both work and play. Equipped with a high-definition display, the cm laptop allows you to enjoy stunning visuals while watching movies or working on creative projects at home. The fast processor of the CM laptop ensures smooth performance, allowing you to multitask effortlessly. Whether you’re a student, professional, or casual user, the HP Pavilion Plus CM laptop has everything you need to stay productive and entertained at home.

HP Pavilion Plus 35.6 cm Laptop 14 Overview

ModelHP Pavilion Plus 14-eh1022TU
Display35.6 cm (14) 2.2K Antiglare IPS with Eyesafe Feature
Processor13th Gen Intel EVO Core i5-1340P
GraphicsIntel Iris Xᵉ Graphics
Memory16 GB RAM
Storage512 GB SSD (User-replaceable)
Ports– 1 USB Type-C (10Gbps) <br> – Thunderbolt™ 4 with USB Type-C (40Gbps) <br> – 2 USB Type-A (5Gbps) <br> – HDMI 2.1 <br> – Headphone/microphone combo jack
WirelessWi-Fi, Bluetooth
DesignSleek all-metal design with recycled aluminum lid
Display Features– 300 nits brightness <br> – Eyesafe Feature
Audio FeaturesHP Dual Speakers, HP Audio Boost, custom tuning
TouchpadLarge and responsive
Battery LifeUp to 11 hours (Real-world usage approx. 5 hours)
Fast ChargingYes (50% capacity quickly)
Security Features(General HP security features, specific details not provided)
Software Inclusions– HP Support Assistant <br> – HP PC Hardware Diagnostics <br> – Trial software (e.g., McAfee antivirus, Microsoft 365)

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Note:- For full terms and conditions, please visit the official HP store.

About HP Pavilion Plus 14-eh1022TU

The HP Pavilion Plus 14-eh1022TU is a powerful and versatile laptop that offers an excellent user experience for home use. With its 35.6 cm (14) 2.2K Antiglare IPS display with Eyesafe Feature and Intel Iris Xᵉ Graphics, it delivers vibrant visuals and sharp image quality for all your multimedia needs at home.

Powered by a 13th-generation Intel Core i5 processor and running on the latest Windows 11 Home operating system, the HP Pavilion Plus ensures smooth performance and efficient multitasking capabilities. Its impressive 16 GB memory and fast-loading 512 GB SSD storage provide ample space to store home files, documents, photos, videos, and more.

One notable feature of the HP Pavilion Plus is its wide selection of ports, including a USB Type-C port with a 10Gbps signaling rate, Thunderbolt™ 4 with a USB Type-C port offering a blazing-fast 40Gbps signaling rate, two USB Type-A ports with a 5Gbps signaling rate each, an HDMI 2.1 port for connecting external displays or projectors, as well as a headphone/microphone combo jack.

If you’re in India looking to purchase this laptop model directly from HP’s official store at home, you can easily find it there.

According to a review by RTINGS, the HP Pavilion Plus is highly regarded as an exceptional home laptop due to its various configuration options that cater to different users’ needs. It offers powerful H-series CPUs and discrete GPUs that make it suitable for demanding tasks such as gaming or content creation at home.

Processor Performance of 13th Gen Intel EVO Core i5-1340P with onboard specs.

The HP Pavilion Plus 14-eh1022TU is powered by a high-performance processor, the 13th Generation Intel Core i5-1340P. This processor offers impressive speed and efficiency for all your home computing needs. With Intel Turbo Boost Technology, it can reach speeds of up to 4.6 GHz, ensuring smooth multitasking and seamless performance even when running demanding applications at home.

Featuring 12 MB of L3 cache, 12 cores, and 16 threads, the Intel Core i5-1340P delivers exceptional processing power. It excels at handling various productivity tasks such as text processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and video playback with ease. Whether you’re working on documents or streaming videos online, this laptop ensures a responsive and lag-free experience.

In addition to its powerful CPU capabilities, the HP Pavilion Plus also comes equipped with an impressive graphics card – the Intel Iris Xᵉ Graphics card. This graphics card enhances visual performance significantly by delivering vibrant colors and sharp details on its 35.6 cm (14) diagonal 2.2K Antiglare IPS display with Eyesafe Feature.

To complement its robust processing power and graphics capabilities further, this laptop features ample memory and storage options. With 16 GB of memory, you can run multiple applications simultaneously without experiencing any slowdowns or lags. The 512 GB SSD storage provides fast data access times, allowing you to store large files conveniently.

Users have reported excellent performance over time using the HP Pavilion Plus 14-eh1022TU due to its powerful CPU options.

Display and Audio Features

The HP Pavilion Plus 14-eh1022TU laptop boasts an impressive display and audio features that enhance the overall user experience. With a 35.6 cm (14) diagonal 2.2K Antiglare IPS display, this laptop provides a sharp and clear visual experience while minimizing glare from external light sources. The Eyesafe Feature further ensures low blue light emission, reducing eye strain during long hours of use.

The display’s brightness of 300 nits adds to its vividness, making colors pop on the screen. Whether you’re watching movies or editing photos, the vibrant visuals will captivate your attention. With Intel Iris Xᵉ Graphics integrated into the system, this laptop delivers enhanced visual performance for various tasks such as video playback and light gaming.

The HP Pavilion Plus 14-eh1022TU doesn’t disappoint. Equipped with HP Dual Speakers and HP Audio Boost, it offers rich sound reproduction that elevates your multimedia experience. Whether you’re listening to music or participating in video conferences, these speakers deliver crystal-clear audio.

Moreover, thanks to custom tuning implemented by HP engineers specifically for this model, every note and sound is finely balanced for optimal enjoyment. From watching movies to playing games or simply enjoying your favorite tunes, these audio features ensure an immersive entertainment experience.

With its exceptional display clarity and high-quality audio output capabilities, the HP Pavilion Plus 14-eh1022TU is well-suited for both entertainment purposes like streaming movies or gaming as well as productivity tasks like creating presentations or working with multimedia content.

Storage and Memory Options

The HP Pavilion Plus 14-eh1022TU offers impressive storage and memory options to enhance your computing experience. With 16 GB of memory and a 512 GB SSD, this laptop ensures smooth multitasking and quick access to your files.

The laptop is equipped with DDR4 3200MHz RAM, which provides fast data processing capabilities. It’s important to note that the RAM is not user-replaceable, so it’s essential to choose the right amount of memory when purchasing the laptop.

You have several options available. The HP Pavilion Plus allows you to choose between 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB M.2 PCIe Gen 3 SSDs. If you require faster storage performance, the 512GB option is available with a PCIe Gen 4 SSD. The best part is that the SSD is user-replaceable, allowing you to upgrade or change your storage capacity as needed.

With its ample memory and speedy storage options, the HP Pavilion Plus is well-suited for various productivity tasks such as text processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and video playback. You can seamlessly switch between applications without experiencing any lag or slowdowns.

In addition to its impressive storage and memory capabilities, this laptop features a high-quality display for an immersive visual experience. The 35.6 cm (14) diagonal 2.2K Antiglare IPS display with Eyesafe Feature delivers sharp images with vibrant colors while reducing blue light emissions for comfortable viewing over extended periods.

Furthermore, Intel Iris Xᵉ Graphics ensures smooth graphics performance for multimedia tasks such as photo editing or casual gaming.

Connectivity and Ports

The HP Pavilion Plus 35.6 cm Laptop 14-eh1022tu offers a wide range of connectivity options to enhance your computing experience. With various ports and wireless capabilities, this laptop ensures seamless connectivity with external devices.

One of the key features is its multiple USB ports, which allow you to connect peripherals such as printers, external hard drives, or flash drives. Whether you need to transfer files or charge your devices, the USB ports provide convenient access for all your needs.

The laptop is equipped with an HDMI port, enabling you to connect it to a larger display or TV for an immersive viewing experience. This feature comes in handy when you want to enjoy movies, videos, or presentations on a bigger screen.

Wireless Convenience

The HP Pavilion Plus also supports Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to browse the internet wirelessly and stay connected wherever there’s a Wi-Fi network available. You can easily stream online content, download files, or engage in video calls without any hassle.

Moreover,Bluetooth connectivity is onboard this laptop. It enables wireless file transfer between compatible devices like smartphones and tablets. You can effortlessly share photos, documents, or music with just a few clicks.

Design and Build Quality

The HP Pavilion Plus 14-eh1022TU is known for its sleek and sturdy all-metal design. With a recycled aluminum lid, this laptop not only looks great but also contributes to sustainable practices. The compact and lightweight build of the laptop makes it highly portable, allowing users to easily carry it around wherever they go.

One standout feature of the HP Pavilion Plus is its impressive display. The laptop boasts a 35.6 cm (14) diagonal 2.2K Antiglare IPS display with Eyesafe Feature. This means that users can enjoy a sharp and clear visual experience while minimizing eye strain, thanks to the low blue light emission technology.

The HP Pavilion Plus does not disappoint either. Equipped with Intel Iris Xᵉ Graphics and HP Dual Speakers with HP Audio Boost and custom tuning, this laptop offers a high-quality sound experience for multimedia activities such as watching movies or listening to music.

In terms of usability, the keyboard of the HP Pavilion Plus is backlit, making it easier for users to type in low-light environments. The touchpad is large and responsive, ensuring smooth navigation.

For those who value connectivity options, this laptop provides a wide range of ports including 1 USB Type-C® with a 10Gbps signaling rate, 1 Thunderbolt™ 4 with USB Type-C® offering an impressive speed of up to 40Gbps signaling rate, along two USB Type-A ports at 5Gbps signaling rate. Furthermore, there’s an HDMI port version HDMI version HDMI version HDMI version which supports up-to-date devices like gaming consoles or external monitors.

Battery Life and Fast Charging

The battery life of the HP Pavilion Plus 14-eh1022TU laptop is an important factor to consider for users who require long periods of unplugged use. While the laptop is equipped with a 3-cell battery that claims to offer up to 11 hours of battery life on a single charge, real-world usage may vary. In practical scenarios involving a mix of work, entertainment, and standby time, users have reported an average of around five hours of use. This indicates that the actual battery life may be significantly lower than what is claimed.

However, one advantage of the HP Pavilion Plus 14-eh1022TU is its support for fast charging. With this feature, the laptop’s battery can reach 50% capacity quickly before returning to normal charging speed. This means that even if the overall battery life may not be as long as desired, users can still get a decent amount of power in a short period.

Despite this fast charging capability, it’s worth noting that relying solely on fast charging may not always be convenient or feasible for everyone. Users who need extended periods without access to power outlets might find themselves needing frequent charges throughout their day.

Security and Software Inclusions

While specific information about the security features and software inclusions of the HP Pavilion Plus 14-eh1022TU is not available, it is possible to make some general observations based on knowledge about HP laptops.

HP laptops are known for their commitment to providing enhanced security measures. Some common security features found in HP laptops include HP Sure Start, which helps protect against firmware attacks, HP Sure View, a privacy screen that prevents visual hacking, and HP Sure Sense, an advanced threat detection system that uses artificial intelligence. These features work together to ensure a secure computing experience.

In terms of software inclusions, HP laptops typically come with a range of pre-installed applications aimed at improving user experience and productivity. For instance, you can expect to find HP Support Assistant, a handy tool for troubleshooting issues and keeping your laptop up-to-date. There may be applications such as HP PC Hardware Diagnostics that help diagnose hardware problems efficiently.

Furthermore, HP often includes trial versions of popular software like McAfee antivirus or Microsoft 365 suite on their laptops. These trials allow users to test out these programs before deciding whether they want to purchase them separately.

For precise details regarding the specific security features and pre-installed software included with the HP Pavilion Plus 14-eh1022TU model, it is recommended to refer to the official product documentation or contact HP directly for accurate information tailored specifically to this laptop model.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

The HP Pavilion Plus 14-eh1022TU has garnered positive feedback from customers, with several common themes emerging from various reviews. Let’s summarize the feedback to get a better understanding of what users have to say.

The laptop has received praise for its ability to handle productivity tasks. Thanks to its powerful CPU and GPU options, users find it capable of handling demanding workloads effectively. The 2.2K Antiglare IPS display with Eyesafe Feature is highlighted for its sharpness and visual quality, providing an immersive viewing experience.

However, one consistent point of criticism revolves around battery life. Several users have reported that the battery lasts around five to six hours under light use conditions. This relatively short battery life is regarded as a notable drawback, especially considering the laptop’s emphasis on portability.

Moving on to design and build, customers appreciate the sleek, sturdy, and lightweight design of the HP Pavilion Plus 14-eh1022TU. Its all-metal build contributes to its durability while maintaining a compact form factor that makes it easy to carry around.

For those who opt for the OLED display version of this laptop model, they are particularly pleased with its vividness, brightness, and color coverage. The OLED display adds significant value by enhancing visual content consumption.

In terms of user experience, reviewers highlight features such as a spacious keyboard that offers comfortable typing experiences and a large touchpad that is responsive in navigation tasks. Furthermore, users appreciate the fast user-replaceable SSD storage option available in this laptop model;


The HP Pavilion Plus 14-eh1022TU is a powerful laptop that offers impressive performance with its 13th Gen Intel EVO Core i5-1340P processor. The laptop boasts a vibrant display and excellent audio features, ensuring an immersive multimedia experience. With ample storage and memory options, users can store their files and run multiple applications seamlessly. The laptop also provides various connectivity options and ports for enhanced convenience. Its sleek design and build quality make it a stylish choice for users on the go. The long battery life and fast charging capabilities ensure uninterrupted productivity. The inclusion of security features and software further enhances the user experience.

The HP Pavilion Plus 14-eh1022TU is a reliable and feature-packed laptop that caters to the needs of both professionals and casual users. Whether for work or entertainment, this laptop offers excellent performance and versatility. If you’re in the market for a new laptop, consider the HP Pavilion Plus 14-eh1022TU for its impressive specifications and sleek design.

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