Leo Worldwide Box Office Collection: Earning so many crores in 7 days

Leo Worldwide Box Office Collection

The world of South Indian cinema has been graced by an exceptional phenomenon as Thalapathi Vijay’s latest creation, “Leo,” storms the box office. This cinematic gem has not only etched its name prominently within India but has also reaped substantial rewards on a global scale. Recently unveiled figures concerning the film’s worldwide box office collection are nothing short of breathtaking.

‘Leo’ Radiates Across the Globe

The eminent director Lokesh Kanagaraj’s brainchild, “Le-o,” featuring the South Indian superstar Vijay in the leading role, has garnered widespread acclaim and captivated the attention of the masses. In its very first week of release, this masterpiece left audiences in sheer awe with its extraordinary earnings.

Leo Worldwide Box Office Collection

A Sensation Around the World

The Tamil cinematic marvel “Le-o” has garnered an overwhelming response from both local and international audiences, fostering a continuous ascent in its earnings. The latest statistics on Leo’s worldwide box office collection have been made accessible, and they are genuinely astounding.

‘Leo’ Triumphs on the Global Stage

In the international arena, Thalapathi Vijay’s “Le-o” has made a substantial impact. In a mere seven days following its release, Le-o has ignited a sensation, accumulating substantial earnings worldwide. The film’s global collection continues to surge day by day, showcasing its immense popularity.

An Astounding Achievement

As reported by Saaknilk, “Le-o” has surpassed the 468-crore INR mark in earnings worldwide. This is an extraordinary accomplishment, setting “Le-o” apart from any other contemporary film in the industry. With such a level of earnings, “Le-o” is steadily inching closer to the prestigious 500-crore INR club.

Leo Worldwide Box Office Collection


“Leo” has not only etched an unforgettable legacy within the Indian cinema industry but has also made waves on the global stage. With its remarkable worldwide box office collection exceeding 468 crores INR, “Leo” stands as a testament to the incredible power of storytelling and the immense talent involved. Thalapathi Vijay’s “Leo” is an authentic cinematic victory and a worldwide sensation that will be remembered for years to come.

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