Mahindra XUV Coupe and Tata Curvv

The automotive industry is preparing for the introduction of coupe SUV models in India, with the Mahindra XUV.e9 and Tata Curvv set to compete for dominance in this new segment.

The Origins of Coupe SUVs

The coupe SUV genre was introduced by Europeans with the BMW X6, which initially divided opinions. In India, this segment is becoming more popular with three major players offering their own interpretations of the concept.

Mahindra XUV.e9

Mahindra XUV.e9 vs Tata Curvv – Fascia
Mahindra XUV.e9 vs Tata Curvv – Fascia

Currently, the Tata Curvv and Mahindra XUV.e9 are both in the testing phases. The production version of the Tata Curvv has been unveiled at the 2024 Bharat Mobility Expo, while the design of the Mahindra XUV.e9 coupe remains undisclosed due to heavy camouflage.

Design Distinctions

Both the XUV.e9 and Tata Curvv have similar design themes, but they have distinct differences in their dimensions. The XUV.e9 is expected to be larger with a length of around 4.8m, a width exceeding 1.9m, and a height of approximately 1.75m. In comparison, the Tata Curvv targets the compact SUV segment with dimensions around 4.4m in length, 1.85m in width, and 1.65m in height.

Distinctive Design Elements

Mahindra XUV.e9 ful dash touchscreen and Frunk Area
Mahindra XUV.e9 ful dash touchscreen and Frunk Area. Image:- Rushlane

There are distinct design elements between the XUV.e9 and Curvv models. The XUV.e9 has four pillars and rear quarter glass, while the Curvv has three pillars and no quarter glass. The Curvv has traditional flush door handles, while the XUV.e9 has modern flush front and rear C-pillar-mounted door handles.

Both vehicles have similar design elements such as shark fin antennas, rear spoilers, body cladding, disc brakes, and coupe rooflines. The Curvv stands out with proximity sensors on all four doors.

Interior Highlights

The XUV.e9 offers a triple-screen dashboard layout, a unique feature for an Indian mainstream vehicle, while the Curvv is expected to have features that fall between the Nexon and Harrier models in Tata’s lineup.

Powertrain and Performance

The powertrain specifications for the XUV.e9 and Curvv are impressive. The XUV.e9 is said to have an 80 kWh battery with an optional dual-motor AWD layout, while the Curvv, based on Tata’s new acti.ev platform, may have a 60 kWh battery pack. Considering the performance of the Punch EV, the Tata Curvv EV could potentially become the sportiest and most powerful compact SUV in India.


The pricing differences between these two coupe SUVs are anticipated to reflect their design and size variations, catering to different market segments.


The upcoming final production versions of the Mahindra XUV.e9 and Tata Curvv are generating high anticipation in the Indian automotive market. This Coupe SUV showdown is expected to redefine the segment with a mix of style, performance, and advanced technology. Whether consumers are interested in the XUV.e9’s larger presence or the Curvv’s compact sporty design, the coupe SUV trend in India is poised to reach new levels of popularity.

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