Maruti Fronx Crash Test 2023: Maruti Fronx Crash Test 2023 Image Goes Viral

Maruti Fronx Crash Test 2023: Since the beginning of 2023, the Maruti Fronx has been creating quite a stir in the Indian automobile market. Its stylish design and powerful engine have made it a popular choice among consumers. However, many people have been questioning the safety of the Fronx.

In a country where road safety is paramount, it is understandable that potential buyers want to ensure the safety of their vehicles. Maruti Suzuki, the country’s largest car manufacturer, has released an in-house crash test video of the Fronx SUV.

Although there has been speculation that the car will be sent for testing under the Bharat NCAP safety rating program, the company has not officially announced any plans. The video does not reveal any ratings or results of the test, but it does show that Maruti Suzuki is committed to evaluating and increasing the overall safety of their vehicles. The Fronx SUV comes equipped with various safety features as standard, including dual airbags, ABS with EBD, and seatbelt reminders. It remains to be seen if the safety ratings of the Fronx will be published in the coming weeks.

Maruti Fronx Crash Test 2023 Footage?

Maruti Suzuki recently unveiled a crash test footage of their latest SUV, the Franxx. Although this was not conducted by an independent agency, the company claims that it is a part of their internal testing process.

While this footage does not provide an official safety rating for the Franxx, it does offer a glimpse into how the vehicle handles crashes. This raises the question of how safe the Franxx is for Indian roads. Maruti Suzuki conducts extensive crash tests on their cars at their own facility, subjecting them to different types of crashes and evaluating the safety features using dummies. The Franxx has undergone over 50 crash tests before its introduction to the market. It is worth noting that in previous crash tests conducted by Global NCAP, only one Maruti Suzuki car received a two-star rating, while the rest received one star each. To promote safer cars in India, Maruti Suzuki plans to send three models, including the Franxx, for the new Bharat NCAP crash test.

Maruti Fronx Crash Test Viral Footage

Airbags are an essential safety feature in vehicles, providing cushioning during a crash to help prevent severe injuries. Since 1999, front airbags have been required in all new passenger vehicles, while side airbags are included by most manufacturers to meet federal side protection requirements.

Maruti Fronx Crash Test Viral Footage
Maruti Fronx Crash Test Viral Footage

Both front and side airbags have been proven to save lives and continue to be improved upon by engineers. Airbags work by inflating in a fraction of a second when crash sensors detect a collision. They do not require maintenance unless deployed, in which case they must be replaced with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts to avoid counterfeit airbags.

Front airbags are designed to prevent head and chest injuries in moderate-to-severe frontal crashes and deploy at different thresholds depending on whether occupants are wearing seat belts. Side airbags, on the other hand, are designed to prevent head and chest injuries in side crashes and deploy within the first 10-20 milliseconds of a crash. A federal regulation requires a certain level of head and torso protection for all occupants, typically achieved with side airbags.

There are also different types of side airbag systems, including those that deploy in rollover crashes. In recent years, newer airbags have been equipped with safety belt sensors and algorithms that determine whether to deploy the bag in a given crash based on various factors. This advancement allows for more accurate deployment decisions, ensuring that the airbags are only activated when necessary.

Maruti Fronx Crash Test How safe for Indian roads?

The safety of the Franxx on Indian roads is still uncertain as it has not undergone crash testing by an independent agency or evaluation under the Bharat NCAP launched by the Government of India.

Maruti Fronx Crash Test
Maruti Fronx Crash Test

However, Maruti has released crash test footage that showcases several safety features in the Front End. These features include a strong body structure, airbags, brake anti-lock system (ABS), and traction control system (TCS). While these features are promising, without official crash test results, it is difficult to make a definitive statement about the vehicle’s safety. Therefore, potential buyers should exercise caution and wait for official evaluations before making a decision. The Bharat NCAP is an important step in improving vehicle safety in India, and its upcoming star ratings based on safety performance will provide valuable information to consumers.

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