PM Modi Top Exam Tips For Students

PM Modi Top Exam Tips: At present, the name of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, one of the most popular leaders in the world, is at the top. No one should have any doubt that he is the most popular leader of this century. The kind of popularity he has earned in his political career, hardly any other leader can earn.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Narayan Damodardas Modi is very active in every field. He always thinks about the welfare of his countrymen and he is very fond of children also. Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with board exam students at the seventh edition of Exam Discussion 2024 on January 29. The program was started at 11:00 am at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi. More than 205.62 lakh students, more than 14.93 lakh teachers, and more than 5.6 lakh parents registered to discuss the exam. Around 4000 participants met PM Modi this year.

During this conversation, the Prime Minister has given important exam tips (PM Modi’s Top Exam Tips) for the candidates, for those who want to pass their life and exams, these unique exam tips of PM Modi (PM Modi’s Top Exam Tips) Must listen. If you want to listen, then stay till the end of this article so let’s start without any delay.

PM Modi Top Exam Tips: Adopt these unique tips!

PM Modi Top Exam Tips

Yesterday on January 29, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with board exam students in the seventh edition of Pariksha Par Charcha 2024, during which he spoke to crores of students. During this conversation, he gave some unique tips that must be heard for the students to crack the exam in their life, which are given below.

Study Along With Exercise

PM Modi Ji said that it is very important to have a healthy body to do anything, one should exercise daily, and along with studies, there should be 5-10 minutes of physical activity. Just like a mobile needs to be recharged, the body also needs to be recharged. A healthy mind requires a healthy body, less sleep is unhealthy for health.

Do Not Compare

Prime Minister Modi ji told children and especially parents that comparison should always be positive. Parents should never compare their children with anyone else. There should be competition in life but it should be healthy competition.

Controlling Anxiety

PM Modi Ji said, let the children live in fun. During the examination, parents should behave with their children like normal days. The biggest challenge in the exam is writing. If you strengthen your writing style then you will not feel pressure in the exam.

Key To Success

Narendra Modi said that success can be achieved with willpower. We should not implement the art of dealing with pressure hastily but gradually. Handling pressure is not just the student’s job. The responsibility for this also lies with the teachers and parents.

Selecting a Stream

PM Modi said that students often depend on the advice of others. What was the dilemma and the decision? Worst case scenario, check as many aspects as possible before deciding on your career. We should not underestimate ourselves; whatever we choose, we should pursue it with full dedication.

Good Practice

PM Modi said that no matter how deep the water is, one who knows how to swim can swim. The more you practice the more you will become, thus no matter how difficult the question paper is, if you have practiced well, you will perform well. Keep your focus on you. What are you? What do you do and what do you practice? This decides your future.

Drive Away Tension

One should develop the habit of being decisive. No one should remain under any illusion. If there is any confusion then we should discuss it, resolve it, and sit ahead and not take tension.

Talk to Parents

As a student, think about whether you are following what you have told your parents. If you do so, they will have confidence in you. Similarly, parents and teachers should be open with children. Do not focus only on the students who get good marks but increase the confidence of all the students.

Correct Use of Social Media

You cannot run away from technology but you should use it properly. The password of the mobile screen should be known to the family member. PM Modi said, I should have some rules, make a rule of not using any electronic gadget while eating, there should be nine gadget zones in the house.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent interaction with students highlighted crucial exam tips. Emphasizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle, avoiding comparisons, managing anxiety, and fostering willpower, Modi provided valuable insights. He also stressed parental support, responsible use of technology, and open communication. These tips reflect the Prime Minister’s genuine concern for the holistic development of the youth, offering a comprehensive approach to navigating exams and life challenges.

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