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quotes kodak black

quotes kodak black
“I love African American women, but I just don’t like my skin complexion.”
“Man, I remember all them b*tches cracking on me. But I got right now all them b*tches grabbing on me.”
 “I got the type of voice where I can hit a tone if I want, but I ain’t trying to be Fetty Wap or Future.”
“I pour my soul out in the mic; I hope God hears me.”
“You know I hit them with that poker, but I’m special with the mic.”
“I’m still workin’, I ain’t perfect, but I’m tryin’.”
“In the streets where I call home, this is where I wanna be.”
“We’re cut from the same cloth, you feel me? We going through the same struggle and all that sh*t. So, they gonna feel me. And all the other people, they just like what I’m saying; they just like my drive.”
“I try to be cool; I’m tryna be nice. But it gets hard sometimes.”
“Lord, restore my heart. Take what’s broken and make it whole again.”
“I got a past. I know it’s bad, and it can’t be erased.”
“To create my future, I had to revisit my past, revisit my pain.”
“They hate what they can’t understand.”
 “I’m behind in every goal you wanna reach.”
“I’m tryna pull the roof back and live life, though.”
“I stayed down long enough, and then I came right up.”
“Keep the feast, but get rid of the old yeast.”
 “Control your thoughts and protect your anger. Truly.”
“I’m never really happy, smilin’ when it’s never meant.”
“Burn too many bridges, but I ain’t burning you.”
“How I steal your heart like this, I’m doin’ magic.”
“I don’t wanna be alone for a day. I’d rather be alone with you.”
“Ever since we fell in love. Ever since you gave me the time of day. I switched my whole setup.”
“When I love, I love too deep. I knew, but I just didn’t wanna accept that you was getting tired of me, and then you left just like you said you wouldn’t.”

Best Kodak Black Quotes

Best Kodak Black Quotes
“I just want the cash ‘cause everything else is coming.”
“I just want the money ‘cause I heard the money brings you power.”
“Boss my life up; it wasn’t nothin’ else to do. You should try it, too; you should run a trial too. I’m tryna make it out, you could be successful too.”
“Once you start making money, everyone starts becoming your friend.”
“Ain’t begging nobody to be in my life, the real gone ride, the fake will divide.”
“Dealing with someone that’s seeking acceptance is dangerous ‘cause they not only seeking it from you, they seeking acceptance wherever they can get it from, even the opposition.”
“Loyalty outvalues everything.”
“Royalty can’t buy loyalty.”
“Love is an action word. Loyalty is negotiable.”
“While we walk, while we breathe, we die—I really feel like, even though we live to die, some people are dying to live.”
“But I feel like I have enough knowledge to get me by in life. Obviously, I don’t know everything, but I feel like I have enough knowledge to get me through.”
“I was livin’ in the dark, but I’m just blessed to see the light.”
“Life is a test, and every day, we got so much fail.”
“Learn how to live instead of just waiting to die.”
“Things end, people leave, but life goes on.”
“Gotta prove everybody wrong lookin’ down on me when I’m flyin’ like an eagle.”
“I have a huge drive. I was born with nothing. So I was always brought up like, go get it. No matter what. Even if it’s scoping and poking. Rapping and trapping. You know, I did it. I switched my whole grind up from doing that, from scoping and poking to just getting in a booth and just doing my thing.”
“People just see the shine. They don’t see the grind, the bags under my eyes. It was a lot of grinding, and setbacks—I ain’t gonna let nothing stop me. Wherever I stop at, I already know who I am.”
“I just hope to continue to be blessed. Elevate to something bigger. Somebody bigger. Somebody better.”
“See, you gotta go against all odds, you know? Boss your life up.”
“In the darkest hours, I gain sight.”
“Everybody wanna shine. Nobody wanna grind.”

Kodak Black Quotes About Life

Kodak Black Quotes About Life
“Friends are overrated—hard to find, quick to change.”
“I just wanna live a blessed life. Whatever comes with it, you know? And whoever’s supporting me, I appreciate it.”
“We are here with a purpose, to love and be loved, to give and receive, to choose joy even among the errands, tasks, and caregiving.”
“Always took responsibility for my faults. Unforgiveness keeps them in control.”
“All of us got a due date. All of us got a death sentence. One day, we gonna die.”
“Sometimes we come up short, and it’s okay, my dude.”
“I just always be myself no matter who I’m around.”
Adults think it’s disrespectful when you don’t let them disrespect you.”
“You measure a man on how tall he stands when his world starts to fall.”
"I'm an angel, I got demons on me."
"I might take a loss, but it's not a loss, it's a lesson."
"They didn't believe in me, but I believed in myself."
"I'm a product of my environment, but I refuse to be defined by it."
"I'd rather struggle as myself than prosper as someone I'm not."
"I'm focused on my goals, nothing can distract me."
"The streets taught me survival, but music saved me."
"I'm a real one, can't change who I am."
"I don't regret my past; it made me who I am today."
"People will judge you, but they don't know your story."

Kodak Black Quotes About Love

Kodak Black Quotes About Love
"I stay true to myself, regardless of what others say."
"Sometimes you have to lose it all to appreciate what you had."
"Money comes and goes, but loyalty is everything."
"I'm not perfect, but I'm striving to be a better man."
"I'm on a mission to make my dreams a reality."
"My struggles are my motivation."
"I've been through the storm, but I'm still standing strong."
"I pray for the strength to overcome any obstacle in my path."
"I don't need validation from anyone; I believe in myself."
"Success is the best revenge."
"Life is a journey, and I'm embracing every step."
"I'm not here to fit in; I'm here to stand out."
"I don't follow trends; I set them."
"Life is too short to waste on negativity."
"I'll never forget where I came from, it keeps me humble."
"Stay true to yourself, even when the world tries to change you."
"The key to success is perseverance and dedication."
"I'm not afraid to take risks; that's how you grow."
"My past doesn't define me; it prepared me."
"I'm making moves, no time for distractions."

Funny Kodak Black Quotes

Funny Kodak Black Quotes
"I'm a king in my own right."
"Stay patient; good things take time."
"I want to inspire others with my journey."
"I've been through hell and back, and I'm still here."
"Never forget where you came from, but always focus on where you're going."
"I'm a hustler; I make my own opportunities."
"I don't fear failure; it's a stepping stone to success."
"The journey is tough, but I'm tougher."
"I don't need fame; I need fulfillment."
"I'm writing my legacy, one step at a time."
"Life is a puzzle, and I'm putting the pieces together."
"Stay loyal to the ones who were there when you had nothing."
"I'm a warrior, and my battles are won with determination."
"I'm not afraid to speak my mind; authenticity is key."
"The past is the past; I'm focused on the future."
"I don't seek approval; I seek growth."
"Stay hungry for success, and never settle."
"I believe in myself when no one else does."
"Life is about evolving, and I'm constantly growing."
"I'm destined for greatness, and nothing can hold me back."

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