Riya Rajput Viral Video Who is Riya Rajput and why she is famous

Riya Rajput Viral Video: There are many kinds of influencers on the internet. Each influencer makes their own type of content. Some content creators stay in the news by making one-of-a-kind content.

India has very high numbers of video watchers. So any video content gets viewed more and more. When unique or dramatic content comes out, it spreads rapidly through shares and views.

One influencer getting attention now is Riya Rajput. She is a TikTok star with over 300k followers. Recently a video of her went viral across WhatsApp and Instagram. In the video, she was crying and claiming domestic abuse by her in-laws.

Riya Rajput Wiki, Biography, Age

Real NamePriyanka Pandit
Nick NamePleogirl & Riya Rajput
Date Of Birth10th August 2000
BirthplaceNoida, UP, India
Hometown/Current ResidenceNoida, UP, India
Educational QualificationGraduate
School NameGovernment School
College/University NameSikkim Manipal University
Zodiac SignCancer
Famous AsInstagram Reels Creator

In this piece, we explore one Indian influencer constantly making headlines for her viral Instagram videos. Though quite young, she has amassed devoted fans hanging on her every post. Her amusing sketches, dances, and creative concepts spread widely through shares and views.

Riya Rajput Viral Video

Riya Rajput Viral Video

Riya Rajput is an Indian social media star gaining fame for her videos. She has about 60,000 followers on Instagram. Riya Rajput stays very active on her account, regularly posting new clips.

Her specialty is creating comedic skits and dances. Many portray the funny side of Indian family life. The hometown flavor and acting talent resonate with her young audience.

Riya Rajput Viral Video

Riya Rajput often makes videos with explicit content that appeals to a young Indian audience. His videos receive millions of views, and fans leave numerous comments. Many of his videos depict casual conversations with strangers that quickly gain popularity on social media.

कौन है रिया राजपूत?

Riya Rajput, originally known as Priyanka Pandit, is a popular figure in India, recognized by the nickname Pelo Girl. Born on August 10, 2000, in Noida, UP, India, she gained fame as a well-known Indian model and Instagram personality. Riya Rajput pursued her initial education in a Noida primary school before enrolling at Sikkim Manipal University for her graduation. Upon completing her studies, she ventured into acting, making a gradual transition into the glamorous world, ultimately becoming known to the public as Pelo Girl.

Riya Rajput Instagram

Riya Rajput, also known as Pelo Girl, is well-known on the internet for creating content that is not suitable for younger audiences, as it is intended for adults. Her content, which is considered 18+, is quite popular in India, where it is widely viewed and heard.


Riya Rajput Instagram

He has over 60,000 followers on Instagram. She’s quite active on her Instagram, regularly sharing videos and photos that people really enjoy. All of her posts get millions of likes within just an hour. People love what she posts on her account.


Q: Who is Riya Rajput, and why is she gaining attention?

A: Riya Rajput is a popular Indian influencer, known for her engaging Instagram videos. Her content, including comedic skits and dances, has gone viral, attracting a significant following.

Q: How many followers does Riya Rajput have on Instagram?

A: Riya Rajput has over 60,000 followers on Instagram, where she actively shares entertaining clips, often portraying the humorous side of Indian family life.

Q: What kind of content does Riya Rajput create?

A: Riya Rajput specializes in creating comedic skits and dances, with a focus on depicting the funny aspects of Indian family life. Her videos often feature casual conversations with strangers, resonating well with her young audience.

Q: Can you tell us more about Riya Rajput’s background and career?

    A: Riya Rajput, originally known as Priyanka Pandit, was born on August 10, 2000, in Noida, UP, India. She gained fame as a well-known Indian model and Instagram personality. After completing her education at Sikkim Manipal University, she ventured into acting and gradually became known to the public as “Pelo Girl.”

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