Ronit Roy marries wife Neelam again at 58 Sweet Kiss Watch Now

Wow, what an incredible milestone for Ronit Roy and his wife Neelam! They have just celebrated 20 years of wedded bliss, and to make it even more special, they decided to renew their wedding vows in the beautiful city of Goa.

How romantic is that? It’s heartwarming to see a couple still so in love after all these years. And what better way to commemorate such an occasion than by re-marrying each other at a temple in Goa? Ronit Roy, at 58 years old, proved that love knows no age limits. The actor took to Instagram to share their joyous moments, allowing us all to be a part of their special day. Congratulations to the happy couple, and here’s to many more years of love and happiness together!

Ronit Roy wedding Photos and Videos

Ronit Roy wedding Photos
Ronit Roy wedding Photos

In a heartwarming gesture, Ronit Roy, the dashing and talented actor, has once again tied the knot with his beloved wife Neelam. And guess what? He shared a delightful video of their wedding ceremony, filled with joy and laughter. The couple can be seen participating in various rituals, including the auspicious shubho drishti. Both Ronit and Neelam are brimming with excitement and happiness as they embark on this new chapter of their lives together.

Ronit Roy looks incredibly handsome in his white sherwani adorned with a vibrant red dupatta. Neelam, on the other hand, is the epitome of a quintessential Indian bride, looking resplendent in her traditional red lehenga. As Neelam tries to catch a glimpse of Ronit’s face, the laughter of their loved ones in the background adds an extra layer of warmth to the celebration.

Ronit Roy wedding Video

With a caption that reads, “Mujhse shaadi karogi??? Phir Se? (Will you marry me again),” Ronit expresses his love and commitment towards Neelam in a playful manner. It’s evident that their bond is stronger than ever as they renew their vows in this beautiful ceremony. Ronit further adds, “Renewing our vows: Part 2,” as he treats us with yet another inside video from their enchanting wedding.

It’s truly a joyous occasion to witness Ronit Roy marrying his wife Neelam again at the age of 58. This heartwarming gesture proves that love knows no bounds and it’s never too late to celebrate and cherish the sacred bond of marriage. May their love continue to blossom and may their journey together be filled with eternal bliss and happiness. Congratulations to the lovely couple!

Celebs and fans wish Ronit and wife

Ronit Roy, the renowned actor, recently surprised his fans with the news of his marriage to his wife Neelam. Reacting to Ronit’s posts on social media, his fans and colleagues expressed their joy and blessings for the couple. Bhagyashree commented, “Awwwww God bless you both,” while Aahana Kumra exclaimed, “Wow!” Another fan showered them with love, saying, “Wow! So cute! Loads of love to you both.” Yet another fan wished them a happy anniversary, stating, “Happy anniversary dada & boudi khoob shundor lagcho.” Ronit had hinted at his wedding by sharing a picture of a beautifully decorated temple, and he playfully mentioned the preparations going on in full swing. It seems that Ronit’s wedding has brought immense happiness and excitement among his fans and well-wishers.

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