Ronnie Screwvala: The movie business is a key industry in the circuit, with the potential to generate millions in revenue. It is a hard line of work, however, one of the biggest figures in Bollywood is Ronnie Screwvala, who is the founder and CEO of the renowned UTV Group. This conglomerate encompasses UTV Software, Bloomberg UTV, and UTV Motion Pictures, among other divisions. Check out this article to find out more about the remarkable story of Ronnie Screwvala.

The story of Ronnie Screwvala begins with his personal life and background. He began his journey in the initial days, eventually founding the UTV Group. His efforts led to the transformation of the group into a mega-brand. He further established himself as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Ronnie Screwvala also took part in Shark Tank India and served as an inspiration to many.

Ronnie Screwvala’s Biography Overviews

NameRohinton Soli Screwvala
BirthplaceBombay, Maharashtra, India
Educational BackgroundSydenham College of Commerce & Economics
TitleFounder of UTV Group (Now Walt Disney India), Founder Trustee of Swades Foundation, Originator of Unilazer Ventures, Board of Advisor AIESEC India, Establisher of RSVP Movies, Co-Founder of UpGrad
Net worth$1.53 Billion (₹12,800 Crores)
SpouseZarina Mehta

Ronnie Screwvala- Biography and History

Ronnie Screwvala
Ronnie Screwvala

A look into the personal life of Ronnie Screwvala begins with his background. He was born in Mumbai, India, and grew up in a middle-class family. After finishing school, he attended Sydenham College in Bombay, where he earned a degree in commerce. After graduating, he worked for his family business for several years before deciding to pursue his venture.

Ronnie is a Parsi by descent. He had his education at the Cathedral and John Connon School. His dad was employed by the British companies J L Morrison and Smith. He is wed to Zarina Mehta, whom he met when he was just starting at the theatre with Pearl Padamsee.

He has had a passion for theatre since he was a child and has been part of numerous professional plays in Bombay. He has collaborated with impressive names such as Pearl and Alyque Padamsee. He has produced more than seventy films, some of which are noteworthy like Rang De Basanti, The Namesake, Khosla Ka Ghosla, Jodhaa Akbar, and many other significant movies.

The Early Days of Ronnie Screwvala

The Early Days of Ronnie Screwvala

Ronnie Screwvala’s journey began when he was a young man, and the story of his life is one of immense hard work and dedication. He started from the ground up, striving to make his dreams into a reality. His commitment and perseverance paid off, and today he stands as a successful entrepreneur.

Before UTV, the entrepreneur had already started his journey. His dad wanted him to be a Chartered Accountant, however, he was determined to do business instead. During a trip to England, he found two discarded fully functional automatic toothbrush-making machines and bought them. Once back in India, he opened up a toothbrush production business which eventually grew to be one of the largest producers of toothbrushes, supplying major brands like Colgate.

Besides his toothbrush business, he started up a cable network company called Network. To bring in customers, he went from door to door and asked people to join the network. This was an advantageous thought process because, at that time when Doordarshan was the sole channel available, Network provided a 3-hour video channel with movies. This business started with only 30 households. Later on, it rapidly expanded to places such as Cuffe Parade, Colaba, Napeansea Road, Breach Candy, and Hanging Gardens.

It was amazing that Ronnie had such a forward-thinking concept, especially for someone so young. He was aware of the importance of delivering quality customer service and he did his utmost to improve the entertainment industry by providing his clients with family-friendly content that was of a high quality.

Ronnie Screwvala and UTV Group

Ronnie Screwvala and UTV Group
Ronnie Screwvala and UTV Group

The renowned Ronnie Screwvala is associated with UTV Group. He has been part of the organization for some time and has been instrumental in its success.

In 1990, Ronnie and Zarina created the UTV Group, which is now known throughout the nation. Initially, they provided television content for broadcasters and were the first independent producers in India. They began by doing commercials and movie projects. Eventually, the firm started generating quiz shows, one of their most successful being Mashoor Mahal.

In twenty years, UTV broadened its scope to various businesses, such as broadcasting, gaming, and film. The greatest breakthrough for the business was when they were incorporated. At this point, the group was creating television content for Doordarshan. This was when Subhash Chandra, the owner of Zee TV, had just begun to get involved in the television industry. Thus, they proposed UTV a contract for 550 episodes, which served as a remarkable chance for them to make a name for themselves in the large arena.

Ronnie Screwvala – How a Series of Events Changed UTV to Become a Major Brand

Ronnie Screwvala’s UTV is an inspiring success story. It has attained remarkable success and is regarded as a shining example of fortitude and dedication. Through his leadership, the company has achieved a remarkable level of success in a very short period.

A game-changing event for the company was when they brought in UTV to give their passengers flight entertainment. In 1993, they started to acquire programs from other sources and began to advertise on them. Additionally, they released a daily soap titled Shanti. Following that, the company purchased a majority stake of 54.60% in Lazer Production. That same year, they also expanded into the movie distribution business.

In 1996, UTV made an agreement with Disney to dub Disney movies for Indian audiences. That same year, UTV also began providing services for international airlines in-flight entertainment. The company’s subsidiary USLl bought Ram Mohan Biographies and rebranded it to UTV Tools.

In a diverse turn, UTV procured a controlling stake in Vijay Television Limited, otherwise known as Vijay TV. This was accompanied with the formation of a group called UTV Net Solutions Ltd, which was mainly dedicated to crafting Internet content with Indian regional language portals. In 2000, the firm launched a broadband content collection known as

UTV entertainment is the powerhouse behind Hungama Channel, a popular channel in the nation. This channel quickly rose to become a leader in the children’s television sector. This company’s success can be seen by its listing on the Bombay and National Stock Exchange.

UTV achieved major success with a $10 Million deal with the US-based BKN New Media. As a result of this, the number of UTV toons employees increased to 200 and Autodesk’s 3D Max 8 software was purchased.

The Life of Ronnie Screwvala as an Entrepreneur

A Glimpse into the Life of Ronnie Screwvala as an Entrepreneur

Investing in the Future through Unilazer Ventures

Unilazer Ventures provides a unique opportunity to invest in the future by offering innovative solutions and ideas to the market. Through their investments, they strive to bring the best of technology, media, entertainment, and venture capital to the forefront. By investing in these areas, Unilazer Ventures can create long-term value for their investors.

Screwvala has been actively performing as a venture capitalist/private equity investor through his organization and brand Unilazer. His investment strategy includes making investments in Indian modern economy companies and startups at their early stages, obtaining substantial minority holdings, and utilizing his entrepreneurial experience to back founders. The broad portfolio of investments of Unilazer covers areas such as e-commerce, top online eyewear companies, AI and Bots, agriculture, and micro-housing finance.

Responding to Movies

At RSVP Movies, we invite you to take part in our collection of the latest releases in the film industry. Come and enjoy the experience!

RSVP Movies signals UTV’s founder Ronnie Screwvala’s return to the media and entertainment industry, but with a new emphasis. At RSVP, the main priority is to collaborate with up-and-coming storytellers in order to create unique and imaginative stories for both films and digital media. Additionally, RSVP is utilizing modern distribution strategies to make its revolutionary content available to a larger, global audience, on both theaters and OTT platforms.

Athletics in Canada at the National Level

U Sports (formerly known as Canadian Interuniversity Sport) is the national governing body for university sports in Canada. It is responsible for regulating athletic competitions among universities in the country. U Sports oversees the organization of national championships in several sports, including football, hockey, basketball, track and field, soccer, cross-country, skiing, and swimming. It also provides athletes with the opportunity to represent their universities in international competitions.

U Sports, co-founded by Screwvala, puts a strong emphasis on three sports. Kabaddi is particularly popular in India and Asia, and U Mumba stands out as a leading team in the 12-team ProKabaddi League. U Sports also covers E-Sports and Football. The U Dreams brand is devoted to developing and managing talent in Football over extended periods.


A digital education platform that provides high-quality educational content to learners across the globe, upGrad offers a wide variety of courses and programs for students looking to gain new skills or progress in their careers.

Ronnie Screwvala joined forces to establish upGrad, a premier online learning platform in India focusing on higher education. Their main strength lies in the fields of Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, and Product Management, thus making them a major player in the industry. upGrad has made significant partnerships with renowned universities, such as IIT Madras, IIIT-B, BITS Pilani, MICA, and the Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education.

Swades Foundation

The organization is devoted to making a difference in the lives of those in India who need support. It provides resources to empower communities and individuals to improve their circumstances.

Uday and Zarina Screwvala devote one-fourth of their time to the Swades Foundation, to lift one million people out of poverty. This organization is based in a 3000 m2 area of Raigad, Maharashtra, and concentrates on Water, Sanitation, Health, and Education, particularly on providing employment opportunities to 500,000 people in 2000 villages.

Philanthropy Work of Ronnie Screwvala

Ronnie Screwvala is well known for his philanthropic efforts. He has a long history of giving to various charitable causes and has been a major donor in the Indian philanthropic sector. He has set up several foundations to pursue his vision of a better world. Screwvala has also been instrumental in helping create new strategies and policies to make India a better place. His work has been praised by many and his efforts have been a source of inspiration for many others.

At the beginning of UTV’s history, Ronnie set up a society named SHARE (now The Swades Foundation). This was to signify Society to Heal, Aid, Restore, and Educate. The goal was to develop rural Maharashtra. Presently, Ronnie has contributed an impressive INR 2350 crores to the foundation. With the establishment of The Swades Foundation, he has taken a courageous action to empower a million people and assist them in escaping from the grips of poverty. His steadfast dedication to this shared cause has had a significant effect on the lives of those who require it the most.

Ronnie Screwvala’s Participation in Shark Tank India

Ronnie Screwvala's Participation in Shark Tank India
Ronnie Screwvala’s Participation in Shark Tank India

The third season of Shark Tank India has Ronnie Screwvala as one of its participants.

Renowned media mogul Ronnie Screwvala has just joined the cast of the highly popular startup show, Shark Tank India, for its third season. With over three decades of experience in television, movies, and digital platforms, Screwvala’s addition to the panel, which includes Anupam Mittal, Aman Gupta, Namita Thapar, among others, will bring a more diverse outlook and business acumen to the show. His insight into B2C and B2B operations will be especially keenly watched as the show’s season progresses.

Ronnie Screwvala – A Motivational Figure

Ronnie Screwvala serves as an example to many, inspiring them with his achievements and dedication. He is seen as a source of motivation and a driving force in the lives of many.

Ronnie has strived to revolutionize the entertainment industry with a definite purpose, and the results are clear to see. His business, UTV, has altered how movies are experienced and appreciated. Not only is he a prosperous entrepreneur, but his altruistic works have made him a role model for entrepreneurs.


Q: Who holds the title of UTV India?

A: For some time, UTV India was a publicly traded company, but ultimately The Walt Disney Company acquired a controlling interest in the company in 2012. In 2013, Disney completed the purchase of the remainder of the company and incorporated UTV’s operations into their Indian media network.

Q: What was the price of the UTV when it was sold?

A: In a deal worth ₹2,000 crore ($454 million), Walt Disney acquired UTV.

Q: Who is the proprietor of upGrad?

A: Ronnie Screwvala, Phalgun Kompalli, and Mayank Kumar were the co-founders of upGrad.

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