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Salaar Movie Review: At long last, the day has come. Critics and fans alike have been eagerly awaiting the release of ‘Salaar’, and now that it’s here the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Starring Prabhas and Prithviraj Sukumaran in the lead roles and Shruti Haasan playing the female lead, this action-packed entertainer also has Jagapathi Babu, Bobby Simha, Tinnu Anand, Easwari Rao, Sriya Reddy, Mime Gopi and other supporting actors. The movie is helmed by ‘KGF’ creator Prashanth Neel and produced by Hombale Films.

Salaar Movie Review

An examination of the Salaar (Salar) movie can be made by looking at what viewers are saying. What are the positive and the negative points? Read on to find out.

The technical team for ‘Salaar’ has been kept the same as ‘KGF’ by Neel; Ravi Basrur was the one composing the music, Bhuvan Gowda taking charge of the cinematography, and Ujwal Kulkarni handling the editing of the movie.

The film is an adaptation of Prashanth Neel’s well-received Kannada production ‘Ugramm’. He has, however, included many alterations to the script for this most recent movie.

A Narrative of ‘Salaar’

Salaar' Movie Review | 'Salaar' Movie Review

In Khansar, Raja Mannar had his sights set on his son, Vardharaja, to be his rightful heir. But, his ministers and advisors were conspiring to dethrone both father and son through a coup, and had hired armies from Russia and Serbia to do the job. To escape the danger, Vardharaja had to flee Khansar and encountered Deva, his old friend. Once informed of the dire circumstance, Deva was determined to guarantee that Vardharaja would become the unquestioned successor of Khansar.

The focus of this tale lies on whether the relationship between the two can withstand the challenges of time.

Review of the Film ‘Salaar’

Though the start of ‘Salaar’ is somewhat lacklustre, two scenes stand out. However, the interval brings an increase in intensity, leading to a more interesting action drama in the second half. Some of the action sequences are particularly riveting, making the film worth watching at least once due to its grand scale.

A memorable moment is the confrontation between Deva and an enemy where he liberates a woman. The heroic words uttered in the midst of violence leave a lasting impression even though they are harsh.

Regrettably, Shruthi Haasan and Easwari Rao’s overly dramatic performances and uninspiring background score leave the first half of the movie a bit heavy. However, the real excitement is set to start, which should make up for the earlier sluggishness.

The story begins with a mysterious aura surrounding Shruthi Haasan’s role, and the audience is yet to learn the justification of her actions. The movie kicks off with a pledge made by Deva to his companion. To hear more about the plot, viewers must stay tuned for the first-half report as the story goes on and the real conflict commences.

Unprecedented excitement has been created around the movie ‘Salaar’. How does it fare in the eyes of the spectators? Listen to what they have to say: ****

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The USA crowd is going wild for #Prabhas! All we can ask for from #PrashanthNeel is to hear #BlockbusterSalaar and #Salaar
— Prabhas Fans USA (@VinayDHFprabhas) December 22, 2023

The USA is going crazy for #Prabhas! All we can ask of #PrashanthNeel is to hear #BlockbusterSalaar and #Salaar

— Prabhas Fans USA (@VinayDHFprabhas) December 22, 2023

AmuthaBharathi: A solid start to #Salaar’s first half!

– The story did not bring anything new to the table

– Prabhas’ transformation and fight sequence was top-notch and gave me chills

– There were too many unnecessary plot points ‍♂️

– The Interval Sequence was good though

The celebration is perfectly situated between Prabhas and Prithviraj in the break block…en route to the second part!!

Idlebrain Jeevi exclaims that the interval of #Salaar is giving him goosebumps. He mentions that the elevations, music, cinematography, and action choreography are of top-notch quality and the first fight is a piece of art. He states that the first half of the film is a great mix of drama and action, and Prabhas looks incredibly good, better than his Baahubali film. The second half is set in Khansaar, a dystopian territory, and the director is brave to take a different backdrop. Technically, the film is excellent and the second half has a mental fight. Lastly, Prabhas and three superb fights are worth the ticket and the rest is bonus.

Karnataka Talkies: The movie kicks off with an explosive introduction for Prabhas. The coalmine fight set-piece is a major standout, accompanied by an electrifying interlude. Prithviraj’s introduction was another scene stealer, with a highly developed character. The background music could have been better, however, Prabhas’ on-screen presence and character portrayal may be the best since the Bahubali series, an impressive return for the star!

Although there are a few drawbacks such as the musical and emotional sequences being connected in certain places, overall it is an exhilarating movie that will keep its viewers entertained. It is definitely worth seeing!

This is an extraordinary example of the depiction of a widely celebrated figure that has earned its own distinct recognition.

Karnataka’s movie industry is expected to be red-hot.

Hemanth Madhukar has just finished watching #SALAAR and is impressed by the technical strength and visual splendor of the film. It is the ideal movie for #Prabhas after #Bahubali, with the actor giving the audience goosebumps each time he is seen on screen. Congratulations to the entire team from @hombalefilms and #PrashanthNeel for delivering a stunning Visual Spectacle. Everyone should make sure to watch it – it’s a guaranteed Blockbuster! #BlockbusterSalaar

Gopichandh Malineni: #Salaar – A Rampage by the Rebel Star Sure to be a Block Buster!!

Venky Reviews: #Salaar – the first half is decent. The introduction and interval blocks stand out! The majority of the movie runs on a mystery theme and is mostly setting up the story. The second half has a lot of potential.

Overall, it is an adequate action drama which has great action scenes, but does not have much of an emotional connection. It holds your attention in some parts, however, it can be repetitive and sluggish at times. The background music is a big let-down. However, seeing Prabhas in a mass role is a treat, along with some special moments created by Neel. Worth watching!

Rating: 2.75/5

Manobala: #Prabhas as Deva is outstanding in this relentless action-filled movie. #PrashanthNeel’s work blurs the limits of the usual action genre, providing a combination of fight scenes and elevations. After his third blockbuster, the director has added to his successful track record with Salaar Cease Fire. Prithviraj is fittingly cast as Vardharaja Mannar, and Jagapathi Babu is impressive as his father. Although it will please those seeking momentary entertainment, the background music could use improvement. The wait for Shouryaanga Parvam has BEGUN. ****

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Himesh: #SalaarReview Disheartened

⭐️⭐️ 2/5

Salaar failed to meet my expectations. The characters were shallow and their motivations were not clear. The action sequences were visually attractive, yet they were redundant and didn’t contribute to the story.

kVsayz: Outstanding action sequences, Prabhas’ performance is the highlight of #Salaar, however, some of the drama sequences are lengthy and the background music is mediocre. This movie is not as good as #KGF, but Neel’s direction earns an overall rating of 3/5.

Moviepaithiyam is a decent movie, featuring a solid performance by Prabhas and an outstanding one by Prithviraj. The elevations work in some scenes, but unlike KGF, it fail to create an emotional connection. The director, Prashant Neel, attempted to incorporate too many elements, which resulted in some confusion. The action scenes and BGM were enjoyable.

It’s something that can be seen!

Umair Sandhu: My initial review of #Salaar is that it is undeniably entertaining, with Prabhas giving an unprecedented performance, stylish action sequences, and remarkable BGM music. It is the ideal comeback film for him as he has the perfect opportunity to demonstrate his abilities. He is the ultimate master of delivering to the audience. ****

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KNikhil13914684: #SalaarReview Review of Salaar’s premier by certain people who watched it

-The first half was great

-Prabhas’ performance and his part in the action is extraordinary

-The background music is amazing

-The second half contains a lot of emotional scenes

Overall, Prabhas has done an incredible job at playing the role of Mass Maina❤️****

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**#SalaarCeaseFire: From Pre-interval to Interval, Absolute Frenzy
A Short First Half Featuring TWO Action-packed Scenes , His Onscreen Presence and the Cutout**
— Raj Prabhas❤️ (@raj_prabhasfan) December 22, 2023

Paraphrased Text:

**#SalaarCeaseFire: Madness from Pre-interval to Interval
A Short Half Containing TWO Intense Sequences , His Onscreen Charisma and the Cutout**
— Raj Prabhas❤️ (@raj_prabhasfan) December 22, 2023

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chakail29453: #SalaarReview A review of the Salaar premiere by some film industry personnel who attended:

-The first half was good

– Prabhas’ acting and his presence in the action scenes were outstanding

– The background music was great

-The second half was full of emotional scenes and Prabhas delivered another mass-appeal performance ❤️

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This isn’t a typical New Year festivity.
It isn’t taking place in a public house.
This isn’t a political gathering.
This is a mass celebration out of admiration for an actor who has had two successive failures! So before you refer to any hero as the Nizam Nawab, watch this and come to terms with reality. #Salaar
— Sunny Kesh (@Sunnykesh) December 21, 2023

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