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Shilpi Raj Video Viral! Shilpi Raj’s incredible talent in this video takes the internet by storm. With a voice that’s bound to captivate your heart and a performance that’s truly unforgettable, Shilpi Raj is the rising star you don’t want to miss. Whether you’re a die-hard music enthusiast or simply looking for a dose of inspiration, this video is a must-watch. Join the viral sensation and be part of the worldwide conversation as Shilpi Raj’s talent continues to amaze and inspire millions. Don’t miss out on this musical journey that’s setting the internet on fire. Watch Shilpi Raj Video Viral now and be part of a musical revolution like

Who is Shilpi Raj?

Shilpi Raj is a famous star of the Bhojpuri industry. He has worked with many big celebrities like Khesari Lal Yadav and Pawan Singh. Shilpi has given many hit songs in her career which have been liked by the audience. A glimpse of Bhojpuri folk songs can be seen in his songs.

Shilpi’s melodious voice and acting have given her a distinct identity in Bhojpuri cinema. She is one of the most popular heroines of Bhojpuri films. Her fans are crazy about his voice and acting. He has a unique position in Bhojpuri cinema.

What is Shilpi Raj Video Viral Story?

Bhojpuri singer and actress Shilpi Raj was in the news recently due to the news of her MMS being leaked. Shilpi’s own MMS with her boyfriend was leaked. However, later Shilpi issued a statement saying that the girl seen in this video was not her. Meanwhile, a bold video of Shilpi is again going viral on social media. Fans are again surprised to see him in this video.

What did Shilpi say about the Shilpi Raj video viral?

Singer Shilpi Raj has shared the viral video on her Instagram account. In this video, Shilpi Raj is seen in a white colored T-shirt and a short skirt. Shilpi is seen dancing in the middle of the desert. In the video, Shilpi gives amazing expressions in the song ‘Dil Tadap Tadap Ke Rowat’. During this, she is lip-singing like that. He is really worth seeing. This video of the singer is being liked a lot. This video of Shilpi is going viral on social media.

Fans are not only liking this video of Shilpi Raj but also giving their feedback by commenting on it. Commenting on this, a user wrote, ‘Shilpi, you are proud.’ While the other one said, ‘You are the best singer in the world.’ Let us tell you that this video has received a lot of views so far.

Let us tell you that Shilpi Raj has worked with many big celebrities including Khesri Lal Yadav and Pawan Singh. Shilpi has written many hit songs in her career. Which has been liked a lot by the audience. In such a situation, the news of Shilpi’s MMS being leaked is spreading like wildfire on social media. He has sung songs with Khesari like ‘Jada Lagta’, ‘Bas Kar Pagli’, ‘Jhagda’, ‘Do Ghunt’, ‘Babua Ke Khush Kar Da’.


Shilpi Raj, a renowned figure in the Bhojpuri industry, has captivated audiences with her exceptional talent. However, it’s important to clarify that the recent viral video featuring her is fake; Shilpi has denied any involvement in it. Her genuine work and contributions to the world of music and entertainment remain her true hallmark. As one of Bhojpuri cinema’s most beloved heroines, her melodious voice and performances continue to inspire. While the fake video may have garnered attention, her real fans eagerly await her authentic musical endeavors, which have left an indelible mark on the industry.

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