Travis Scott Quotes

Travis Scott Quotes

Travis Scott is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter known for his unique style and creativity. He has become one of the most influential and successful hip-hop artists of his generation, with numerous chart-topping hits and critically acclaimed albums.

One of the defining features of Travis Scott’s music is his use of catchy and memorable lyrics. His songs often contain thought-provoking and introspective verses that reflect his personal experiences and struggles. In addition, he frequently uses metaphors, similes, and other literary devices to convey complex ideas in his music.

“When the day gets better, the night gets brighter.”
“Never let fear obstruct your vision.”
“Some days start better than others. How ya end them is what counts.”
“Money is something that keeps you alive and healthy and just keeps you focused. It’s the drive; it’s the passion.”
“Even when it’s dark. Your spirit is light.”
“Words mean nothing without action.”
“If you fall for the games then you’re the one playing.”
“I feel like God put me here to help out with people’s souls, man.”
“I don’t really write. I’m an on-the-spot type of person. This beat, let’s listen to it; let’s vibe. And then I’ll do a melody, and then we’ll go back and do it.”
“Don’t do it tomorrow. Do it now. There might not be tomorrow.”

Travis Scott’s Famous Quotes

 “Words mean nothing without action.”
“I want, first and foremost, to help other artists launch new names, to provide opportunities. I want to do for them what happened to me, but better.”
“Remember to use your voice today to inspire someone no matter what happened in your past, look forward and progress. Become better than ur’ old self.”
 “All I got is myself.”
“Don’t think for a second your back won’t be stabbed because people change, and feelings fade but don’t worry, new friendships are made.”
When you’re close, I’m alive, I can feel the sky; I just want your body close to me.
 “I know you love me; I beat it ain’t no cuddling.”
“You say you love me, don’t you lie. Won’t cross my heart, don’t wanna die, keep the pistol on my side.”
“Wish you were here.”
“Fuck the money. Never leave your people behind. It’s never love, no matter what you try.”
 “She said, ‘where are we going?’ I said, ‘The Moon.”
“You mean so much to me, hope you understand.”
 “Been about you since I saw you.”
“Her vibe is pretty.”
“I can justify my love for you and touch the sky for God to stop debating war.”
“You ease my mind; you make everything feel fine.”
“Shawty, I just want your love for a minute. I be captain baby, you can be a lieutenant. Swear I lose my mind every time that I’m in it. You won’t get a dime, naw naw, not mine.”
“I get those goosebumps every time you come around. You ease my mind, you make everything feel fine.”
“Need ya love, not a need; it is a must.”

Travis Scott Quotes On Igniting Love In The Mind

“Shit, high school was on some sports shit. I was always running around doing dumb shit. Hyper activities. I was always into music, so I did that. I was smart. I fucked with the school. I fuck with education. But I always had an urgency to do something awesome. When you young, you look at n—– like Lil Bow Wow and shit like balling.”
“There’s definitely a lot of kids who like to express their feelings, you know, escape out of whatever they’re going through.”
“You’ve gotta motivate kids. They wanna grow up. They have problems. You’ve gotta give ’em that music to make ’em feel like they’re OK, and it’s only a couple of artists that do that.”
 “I was a smart kid. I went to a private school in middle school and got kicked out.”
“I feel like everyone just gets constricted by their parents or, just, life.”
“I was born in Houston, Texas. I grew up in Houston, by Missouri city. It’s, like, a suburb in the area; it’s middle-class. But I used to stay with my grandma in the hood from ages one to six.”
“Her mindset will raise your children, not her body and good looks. So choose wisely.”

Best Travis Scott’s Famous Quotes

 “Yes, money is important. But it’s all about the creative process.”
 “I know what my identity is”.
“You can’t buy vision, and you can’t buy aesthetic”.
“Raging and having good feelings and having fun is something I plan on doing and spreading across the world. I just need air and a mic.”
“My whole story is straight mythical. It’s tangible, but it’s also what life could be.”
“God watch over us. Keep us strong and lifted.”
“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”
“For this life, I cannot change.” 
“Keep on loving in the face of hate.”
“Everybody has just different steps in their life that they take to do what they should.”
 “Did you have the time of your life? Let’s have the after-party at my place.”
“Life is just a maze, goin’ through my phases.”
“If I take you to my past, you will be traumatized.”

Travis Scott’s Famous Quotes In English

“Never let fear obstruct your vision.”
“There’s a lot of us out here that are birds, man. We all need to just fly.”
“Make money not friends.”
“I don’t need a stage to perform. We just need something to stand on.”
“We as people have to find better ways to connect with each other through other avenues other than anger. The word beauty means a lot to me, but it all comes down to who you are as a person. It has a lot to do with your heart, how good you are to others.”
“Promise I won’t cry over spilt milk. Gimme a paper towel, gimme another Valium, Gimme another hour or two, an hour with you.”
“But to be honest, I probably didn’t know myself all the way. I knew there was something in me, but I didn’t know myself all the way.”
“You will never influence the world by trying to be like it.”
“I realized this year that even though you may want a person in your life more than anything in the world. It doesn’t always necessarily mean that person should be in your life; if they don’t value you enough, then the position you wanted them to fill is for someone more deserving of it.”

More Travis Scott Quotes To Make You Dream Big

“Don’t lose what you can’t replace.”
“If it makes you happy, it doesn’t have to make sense to others.”
“I feel like everything needs to be stylized; that’s always been my mindset.”
“I design music; I don’t produce it.”
“This time of the year I feel alone.”
“We always forgive but don’t forget easily. Cut my phone off so they can never reach me.”
“You can’t buy swag. You can’t buy a vision, and you can’t buy aesthetics. You can copy it, but that shit doesn’t last.”
“You say You love, Don’t you lie.”
“I feel like more artists like me should be on the radio. Everything is, like, so controlled by, like, super popular music. You know what I’m saying? Like, C’mon.”
“I remember my mom bought me one of their shirts for Easter so that I could wear Helmut Lang FOR Easter. That was my first piece.“

Travis Scott Quotes

“Party on a Sunday. Do it all again on Monday. Spent a check on a weekend. I might do it all again.
“I’m just here for good times, man. I want people to have the best time ever. Especially if they’re around me.”
“Yes, money is important. But it’s all about the creative process.”
“I get those goosebumps every time you come around. You ease my mind; you make everything feel fine.”
“Why do you bother me when you know you don’t want me? Why do you bother me when you know you got a woman? Why do you hit me when you know you know better?”
“Take a shot, make a friend, just enjoy the moment. I’m Luke Skywalkin’ on these haters.”
“If I take you to my past you will be traumatized.”
“All of these hoes I made off records I produced, I might take all my exes and put ‘em all in a group.”
 “Thank God for the day.”
“I tried to show ‘em, yeah. I tried to show ‘em, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Gone on you with the pick and roll, Young La Flame, he is in sicko mood.”
“Sun is down, freezing cold. That’s how we already know; winter’s here.”
“I watched ‘em take that, then they change like a mood ring.”
“Got new money, got new problems, got new enemies. When you make it to the top, it’s the amenities.”

Heart To Heart Travis Scott Quotes

“I feel like Houston is one of the leading things in music culture. Everyone loves Houston culture. It needs to have its own monument, its own moment for artists like me, artists like Beyonce who set it off.”
“I’m big on diversity. My music is very diverse; I don’t want it to ever be type casted.”
“My work ethic is crazy. I’m a producer, an artist, and a video director.”
I’m an artist. I produce, I direct, and all of that goes into the music.
Kanye is the leading eagle: he’s like the president who stands up for kids like us who have ideas.
 I wouldn’t make music with you if I didn’t know you. If you’re a good artist, and if you know it as well, I’m down.
I was working with Jay Z while I was still learning how to be who I was about to become.
 “I’m attached to the beat. The beat speaks words. I love music.”
Beyonce is, like, the highest level. We all reach for that level.

Travis Scott Quotes About Others

That’s where I get my whole music theory from, my pops and my grandfather.
I’m a big fan of Kid Cudi. He was, like, the only concert I think I went to as a kid. He was on tour with Asher Roth
I think, with production, I pay very close attention. ‘Cause, that’s my favourite thing in music. That’s the whole drive. That’s the reason.
I must say, I’ve been in the studio with Jay Z, dog… I thought the freestyle thing was a myth. But, bro!
“School kills artists.”
“I like how fashion is becoming more like music. It’s more adaptive to young kids. It’s more adaptive to a more on-the-go lifestyle. More street vibe, but I’ve always been into it.”
“The most ironic thing is my grandfather has his master’s in music composition; he was a jazz
 “There are people who take fashion at different levels, but personally, I’m just a kid with it.”
“I see hip-hop as going in a self-managing place. It’s very culturally controlled and artist-controlled. It’s not really based on a label anymore. Everything is pretty much in the control of the artist, which is amazing.”
“I’m not into just one thing; I always felt like I had to have my hand in everything revolving around what I do, whether it’s directing videos, making beats, making music, performing.”

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