Urfi Javed's Latest Controversy: A Case of Misused Uniform and Fake Arrest

In the ever-changing world of showbiz, celebrities frequently seek inventive ways to grab attention. Urfi Javed, the actress celebrated for her distinctive fashion choices, is no different. Her recent effort to gain public notice took an unconventional twist, but it ended up backfiring.

Urfi Javed Viral Video Controversy

Amidst the online buzz and excitement, a video emerged, featuring Urfi Javed in a local Mumbai café. This video depicted two female police officers seemingly apprehending Urfi, which left viewers astounded. Many people quickly concluded that Urfi was genuinely being arrested. However, as the truth emerged, it became clear that this was merely a premeditated performance.

Urfi Javed Staged Police Incident

Urfi Javed opted to produce a video in which she, along with three other participants, exploited police uniforms. The video showcased a fictitious scenario in which the police were arresting Urfi Javed, all contrived for the sake of publicity. As the video gained traction on social media, Urfi’s fans were left feeling both concerned and bewildered.

Urfi Javed's Latest Controversy: A Case of Misused Uniform and Fake Arrest

The Consequences:

Mumbai Police promptly responded to Urfi’s actions by filing an FIR against her. The police stated that Urfi had misappropriated their uniform to fabricate a false video, potentially tarnishing their reputation. They made it clear that such conduct would not be tolerated.


In the era of instant online fame, it’s vital for celebrities to remember that there are limits that should not be exceeded in the pursuit of publicity. Urfi Javed’s ill-conceived stunt may have earned her attention, but it also resulted in legal repercussions. The message is unequivocal: one cannot break the law for the sake of gaining cheap publicity. Ultimately, the price of such actions can be quite substantial.

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