Vivek Bindra Faces Domestic Violence and Scam Accusations By Wife After Wedding

Popular Indian motivational speaker and social media star Vivek Bindra finds himself embroiled in controversy this week. Police complaints allege Bindra committed domestic violence against his newly wedded wife. Additionally, fellow influencer Sandeep Maheshwari exposed alleged scams by Bindra’s training company.

Vivek Bindra Faces Domestic Violence and Scam Accusations

According to officials, Bindra violently attacked his wife Yanika just hours after their December 6th wedding. Her brother lodged a complaint claiming Bindra pulled Yanika’s hair, hurled verbal abuse, and caused bodily injuries during the assault in their Noida home.

Vivek Bindra
Vivek Bindra & His Wife

Disturbing video footage appears to show wounds sustained by Yanika from repeated beating by Bindra in an explosive marital fight. The shocking allegations have ignited public outrage as critics condemn Bindra over the brutal incident.

Separate Fraud Exposes Sparks More Controversy

At the same time as battling domestic assault accusations, widely followed YouTuber Sandeep Maheshwari leveled separate charges against Bindra’s business Bada Business Private Limited (BBPL).

Maheshwari presented BBPL students alleging Bindra uses deceptive marketing tactics on training programs costing lakhs in fees. The fraud accusations went viral online, though Bindra firmly denies any scam activities by his company.

Intense Scrutiny Amid Competing Narratives

Vivek Bindra now faces intense public scrutiny as legal cases and debates ignite discussions around domestic abuse and corporate ethics issues among Indian influencer circles.
Vivek Bindra Faces Domestic Violence

With Bindra denying allegations on both marital assault and commercial deception fronts, arriving at the truth requires deeper investigation. Police complaints seek severe punishment as accusers insist evidence proves unlawful behavior occurred in Bindra’s personal and professional worlds this month.


As a beloved household name boasting millions of followers, the disturbing charges leveled upon Vivek Bindra in December 2022 represent a shocking fall from grace if proven accurate. Yet Bindra insists accusers mischaracterize events as conflicting accounts swirl regarding the beloved motivational icon’s actions and business activities. Determining reality now relies on law enforcement thoroughly assessing and bringing clarity to each explosive claim.

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