Watchman Web Series Cast

Watchman Web Series Cast: The Hindi web series Watchman was released on the Ullu app on January 31st, 2023. This exciting new series stars actresses Priya Gamre and Aritaa Paul in the lead roles.

Watchman tells the story of a watchman at an apartment building. Throughout the consecutive episodes, he gets involved with the women living there in complicated relationships. The show has suspense and drama as the intersecting plotlines unfold.

Leading lady Priya Gamre is known for her work in other web series. Co-star Aritaa Paul has acted in films and brings her talent to this new role. Together, the strong female leads captivate viewers with their acting chops. Additional supporting cast members contribute to the show as well.

With its launch at the end of January, Watchman brings a thrilling viewing experience focused on the romantic entanglements faced by the main watchman character. Audiences can stream all episodes of the series now on Ullu to follow the tense story through to its conclusion. The drama and conversations keep things interesting scene by scene.

Watchman Web Series Cast

The compelling web series follows a humble watchman named Vinay residing in a peaceful apartment complex. Portrayed skillfully by a talented lead actor, Vinay comes across as genuine thanks to the performer’s realistic acting. Though his job involves the quiet life of a building guard, Vinay has big dreams he hopes to achieve someday.

Watchman Web Series Cast
Watchman Web Series Cast

As the narrative unfolds scene-by-scene, audiences get to know the personal side of friendly Vinay. His caring personality leads to meaningful friendships with various complex residents. However, Vinay also faces several struggles on his inspirational journey.

Viewers witness the lead character experience thoughtful moments where he contemplates what he truly wants from life. Many of the building locals take kindly to Vinay, evident through lighthearted conversations when they intersect with his watchman duties. These relationships reveal more about his patient nature and selfless spirit devoted to helping others.

By welcoming audiences into Vinay’s modest world as a watchman, the show creators spark an emotional connection. The show’s fans can resonate with the protagonist’s hunger to attain more while dealing with adversity. The realistic portrayal tugs at one’s heartstrings thanks to a combination of empathetic writing and the lead actor’s genuine performance.

Watchman Web Series Information & Details

Web Series NameWatchman (2023)
TypeWeb Series
OTT PlatformULLU
Released Date30 January 2023
Watchman Web Series Cast

Watchman Web Series cast, actor, actress details

The new Hindi web series Watchman features a talented group of actors bringing the intriguing story to life. Starring in important female lead roles are Priya Gamre as the character Mamatha and Aritaa Paul as Chaya.

Priya GamreMamatha
Aritaa PaulChaya
Tanya ChatterjeeTanu
Vishesh AroraVinay
Abhiraj SinghRavi
Divyendra SinghAmit
Pihu SinghLaali
Watchman Web Series Cast

Seasoned actress Priya Gamre leverages her versatility in the key role of Mamatha, a resident who develops a complex relationship with the protagonist watchman. Likewise, Aritaa Paul showcases her acting range as Chaya, another leading lady resident central to the plot.

Additionally, supporting actress Tanya Chatterjee plays the part of Tanu, a neighbor who crosses paths with the watchman. At the core of the show, actor Vishesh Arora takes on the critical central role of earnest watchman Vinay. His emotional performance grounds the series.

The cast is also bolstered by actors Abhiraj Singh as fellow watchman Ravi and Divyendra Singh who plays resident Amit. Finally, talented child actress Pihu Singh in the role of Laali contributes a sweet innocence through her scenes tied to the unfolding drama.


the Hindi web series “Watchman” on Ullu, released on January 31st, 2023, offers a compelling narrative centered around Vinay, a sincere watchman portrayed by Vishesh Arora. The series, featuring strong performances by Priya Gamre and Aritaa Paul, explores intricate relationships within an apartment complex. With its suspenseful plot, emotional depth, and authentic portrayal, “Watchman” provides a captivating viewing experience. The talented cast, including Tanya Chatterjee, Abhiraj Singh, Divyendra Singh, and Pihu Singh, contributes to the series’ engaging storytelling. Overall, “Watchman” is a must-watch for those seeking a short and impactful web series.

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