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xHamster or xhamster.desi, at website xhamster.com, stands as one of the most popular adult websites today. Owned by Hammy Media Ltd. and run out of headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus, xHamster offers a vast collection of free pornographic videos along with a premium subscription option.

Founded by entrepreneurs Oleg Netepenko and Dmitri Gussew in 2007, xHamster has grown rapidly over 15+ years of operations. As of December 2022, traffic analytics show xHamster receiving 1.3 billion visits per month from website users around the world accessing its sexual content.

With so much graphic media prohibited from being archived, xhamster.com has been excluded from capture by the digital library known as the Wayback Machine. This may make researching the history and evolution of such a large adult site more challenging for internet historians.

xHamster or xhamster.desi facilitates interaction through profiles, commenting and content sharing features more typical of social platforms than standard porn tubes. This integration of media and community helps differentiate xHamster in the wider landscape of online pornography.

Based on SimilarWeb data, xHamster generates higher traffic volume than virtually any other pornographic website internationally. Its owners in Cyprus have managed to propel xHamster into one of the internet’s most frequented sex entertainment destinations supported by advertising and paying members despite barriers from digital archivists.

Who Should Be Used xhamster.com or xhamster.desi?

Xhamster.com and its site xhamster.desi feature pornographic videos and images intended solely for adults over the age of 18. As a major online platform in the adult entertainment industry, xhamster provides sexual media and content on both its main site as well as more niche or genre-specific offshoots.

Xhamster.desi caters to those specifically seeking Indian adult films and erotica. By operating this India-oriented site along with its primary xhamster domain, the company can appeal to viewers interested in both general and more localized varieties of porn.

Requirements clearly restrict access on both sites to only those 18 years or older due to policies surrounding explicit media. Robust age and identity verification checks aim to block underage visitors entirely. As such, xhamster intends its platform exclusively for use by legal-aged adults searching for online sexual stimulation.

By managing a portfolio of porn sites, including locale-tailored portals like xhamster.desi, the company can better serve distinct audiences while enforcing strict age limits across its adult properties. This allows xhamster to provide targeted erotic materials to verified adult members based on personal preferences.

Is xhamster.com or xhamster.desi Safe?

I recently conducted an investigation into whether the highly popular adult site xhamster.com posed any risks to visitors in terms of malware, viruses or other malicious content. Using a range of cybersecurity scanner tools, I systematically checked xhamster.com for any signs of potential threats.

The website security platform Sucuri analyzed xhamster.com and determined it represents only a minor security risk with no serious known issues detected. Unmask Parasites similarly scanned xhamster’s systems and found no traces of harmful media files or unwanted content transmitted through videos.

Uploading the xhamster.com domain to the antivirus aggregator VirusTotal allowed over 70 malware engines to scan its code in depth – all of which cleared the site of containing anything infective or dangerous. Additionally, the detection tool URLVoid checked xhamster against over 130 blacklist databases without finding any listings that would indicate malicious behavior.


xHamster or xhamster.desi has emerged as a leading adult website since its founding in 2007, boasting 1.3 billion monthly visits as of December 2022. Despite challenges in archiving, the platform differentiates itself with social features and niche content like xhamster.desi. A thorough cybersecurity analysis reveals that xHamster.com is a relatively safe site, with no major security or malware issues, ensuring a secure environment for adult content consumers.

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